Mike Pompeo flips on the old Donald Trump bragging back to him. Critics say it’s not that fast.

donald trumpFormer Secretary of State of Mike Pompeoappeared to attack the former president again when he rewrote an old Trump bragging on Twitter.

During the 2016 campaign, then-candidate Trump promised voters that if he became president: And you will say, “Go ahead, go ahead.” I won too much.”

Pompeo posted on Friday: But I’m sad that we lost. So do most Republicans. ”

Pompeo, who reportedly has presidential ambitions of his own, has echoed growing Republican anxiety in Trump following the Republican Party’s poor results in the 2022 midterm elections. I was letting

Two days ago, former Secretary of State Trump appears to have reacted to 2024 candidacy announcement Without mentioning his former boss by name, he wrote on Twitter that America “needs more serious, less noisy, forward-thinking leaders and claims to be victims.” You have to stare in the rearview mirror instead,” he tweeted.

Pompeo was praised in some circles for his apparent turnaround against Trump, but critics questioned his former close relationship with the one-term POTUS and his willingness to vote for Trump if he won. It immediately reminded me of last month’s statement that it would. Republican nominee again. They also accused Pompeo of not mentioning Trump by name in his post.