Mikhail Gorbachev in the late Soviet Union

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Thousands of Russians Say Goodbye to Gorbachev

Story: The last Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, was buried on Saturday (September 3rd). The body of former Soviet leader Gorbachev was laid to rest in Moscow’s grand Column Hall. But unlike his predecessor, Gorbachev was denied a full state funeral — and Russian President Vladimir Putin was conspicuously absent. Putin’s absence is seen as a calculated cynicism by a former KGB officer who set back many of Gorbachev’s reforms.Also due to the rift in relations between Moscow and the West after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. , many Western heads of state and governments who would normally attend were also absent. She was seen placing flowers near Gorbachev’s coffin. Nevertheless, thousands of Russians of all ages lined up to pay their respects.” Whatever you think of him, he is a historical figure. he did a lot Some think he did better, some think he did worse.”Gorbachev, best known in the West for ending the Cold War and reducing his country’s nuclear His final resting place is Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow, where he is buried with his wife Raisa, who died 23 years ago.