Miley Cyrus’s top fell at her “New Year’s Eve party”, so she seamlessly wore a blazer and continued to sing.

Miley Cyrus has a wardrobe dysfunction on her New Year's eve TV special, and in these three pictures she wears a small top to topless, red blazer.

Miley Cyrus’s top fell on a New Year’s Eve special, so she continued to sing in a blazer.NBC

  • Miley Cyrus’s top fell at her “New Year’s Eve party” at NBC while she was singing on stage.

  • She turned around, held her chest, and grabbed the blazer behind the scenes while the camera was panning.

  • Cyrus continued to sing “Party in the America” ​​and “Minna no absolutely Looking at me now “

Miley Cyrus rang in 2022 with a wardrobe malfunction that she seamlessly recovered and continued to perform.

The 29-year-old hosted “Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party” with Pete Davidson on NBC Friday night.

When her top looked broken, she just started singing “Party in the USA”. She lifted it by hand, turned around, shook it up, and walked behind the scenes.

Her band continued to play and Cyrus returned in a bright red blazer. She kept singing and smiled.

“everyone’s absolutely She joked and turned the lyrics into a song, “I’m still Most of the clothes I’ve ever worn on stage.. “

After the medley was over, singer Sawty said, “Miley, you still look good-you know it’s right! Go to your best friend in the head!”

Later in the show, Davidson joked about it. “I heard that my boobs may have slipped a little, so in solidarity, this is my boobs,” said the cast member of “SNL”, lifting his shirt and showing his nipples.

To end the night, Cyrus said the event was “flexible, punchy, and to get the most out of the worst.”

“That resilience shouldn’t end here. Let’s bring it with us to the New Year,” she said. “We all learned how to anticipate the unexpected. Let’s see it as an opportunity, not a problem. Happy and healthy 2022 from home with everyone here in Miami. I hope to everyone who is watching. “

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