Millennials receive “Jab and Go” single-shot Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine

Coronavirus vaccine

Coronavirus vaccine

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The new single-shot Covid-19 vaccine may be available by July and is primarily used by young millennials who do not want to wait three months for a second dose.

Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi said UK health regulators are now Johnson & Johnson Janssen Vaccine..

Ministers hope that Janssenjab can be deployed as a “jab and go” offering among young adults born at the turn of the century.

Those who receive the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is considered the mainstay of government vaccination, should be vaccinated with two jabs at 12-week intervals before being fully vaccinated.

Janssenjab hopes to be attractive to young people who are anxious to start enjoying the summer by the time the vaccine rolls out.

According to government sources, the first Janssen jab will be in people’s arms by July at the earliest, when the youngest adult will receive the first jab.

The British government has ordered 30 million doses of Janssenjab, which uses the same type of technology as the AstraZeneca vaccine.

One source said: “The good thing is that it can really work for a young cohort aged 18-29. It’s done with one hit, and we’re heading to Ibiza.”

Is the UK on track to reach its vaccination goals?

Is the UK on track to reach its vaccination goals?

Pressured by Congressman Steve Baker of Commons last week, Zahavi told Congressman:

“The vaccines that are available are approved because they have passed the MHRA tests for safety and efficacy.

“If these vaccines are approved by MHRA, and when, we expect to receive both vaccines later this year.”

Janssenjab was 67% effective in preventing Covid-19 and was found to be completely effective in preventing hospitalization and viral death in the United States in February and in the EU in March. Approved.

MHRA and Johnson & Johnson were asked to comment by The Telegraph late last week.

Pressured on the progress of Janssenjab’s approval two weeks ago, June Rain told The Telegraph:

“For commercial confidentiality, we cannot comment further.”

Two Covid-19 vaccines Currently managed in the UK, there are some that have been ordered and have not yet been approved.

TheĀ· Pfizer-BioNTech Jab Oxford-AstraZeneca Jab was approved on December 30th, compared to December 8th.

The Moderna vaccine was approved on January 7th and will be rolled out this month.

The Novavax vaccine is awaiting imminent approval from MHRA.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health said:

“We plan to provide the first dose to all individuals in priority groups 1-9 by mid-April and to all adults by the end of July. Thanks to the swift and decisive efforts of the Vaccine Task Force, the United Kingdom Acted swiftly to secure 30 million Janssen vaccines last summer. “

Sources added: “We cannot provide details of vaccines that have not yet been approved by MHRA.

“We have scheduled a vaccination program, but this has not changed. We plan to provide the first dose to all people over the age of 50 by mid-April and to all adults by the end of July.

“Vaccines are fairly distributed throughout the UK to ensure that the most vulnerable people in society are first vaccinated. Some parts of the country have made tremendous progress, slightly above average. There is more work to be done and vaccination deployments will continue to grow at a pace.

“Through the Government’s Vaccine Task Force, the UK has secured early access to seven of the seven most promising vaccine candidates, 457 million doses.”