Millions of gems stolen from California armored cars


Los Angeles (AP) — Last week, an armored truck robbery in Southern California stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry and jewelery, officials said Sunday.

Brinks trucks were robbed near Los Angeles early in the morning of July 11, said security company spokeswoman Dana Callahan.

Group director Brandy Swanson said the goods were loaded onto the truck late July 10 after an exhibition hosted by the International Jewelery and Jewelery Show in San Mateo, southern San Francisco. She said she was planning to go to an event at the Pasadena Convention Center in the northeast of Los Angeles.

According to Swanson, 25 to 30 bags were taken, which contained an unknown number of individual pieces. She said 18 victims reported losses of over $ 100 million. Callahan said it was less than $ 10 million.

“According to the information we provided to us before the customer shipped the item, the total amount of the missing item is less than $ 10 million,” Brink’s said in a statement. “We work with law enforcement agencies to fully refund the value of stolen assets to our customers, subject to the terms of the contract.”

Laura Imirer, a spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Los Angeles, said the robbery took place in Lancaster, a desert city in northern Los Angeles County. Mr. Imirer said the bureau is working with local governments, but she couldn’t immediately provide further information.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dispatcher patroling Lancaster did not have information about Sunday’s investigation.

According to Swanson, vendors moving between jewelry shows usually don’t insure their products because they can’t afford to be fully insured.

“There’s a contradiction there. These are mom and pop operators,” Swanson said. “They are devastated. Some of these people have lost their entire livelihood.”

She said the International Gem and Jewelery Show holds about 45 shows nationwide each year.