Minister on anti-police and children making BLM posters

New South Wales ministers seek dismissal of Australian elementary school teachers after finding posters of anti-police and Black Lives Matter created by students Display around the classroom..

The Daily Telegraph report The fifth and sixth graders at Lindfield Learning Village in Sydney made placards with the words “Stop the killer cop” and “White life is too important.” It also included other slogans such as “I can’t breathe” and “Foreign pigs”.

New South Wales (NSW) Police Minister David Elliott called for teachers to be fired, saying the poster was evidence of the political “education and brainwashing” of left-wing ideology in schools.

“We are supposed to tell our kids that if you wear a uniform you are a hero,” Elliott said. Told to 2GB radio.. “They completely disappointed the student’s body by teaching and brainwashing them when they should learn how to read and write.”

Elliott was concerned that the controversial issue from the United States over police was being imported into Australian society.

“What’s happening in America isn’t our war,” he said. 9 news.. “We are Australian.”

According to Elliott, Australian society had different, higher levels of respect for blue men and women. He emphasized that Australian police are independent and apolitic, and that civilian surveillance is involved in the process of fraud.

New South Wales Minister of Education Sarah Mitchell ordered a complete review of the school, saying politics had no place in the classroom.

“These posters should not be posted in the classroom. Teachers who are found to be politicizing the classroom will face disciplinary action,” Mitchell said.

A country’s minister, Mark Latham, supported Elliott’s call for the dismissal of teachers and added that the principal should also be dismissed.

“It’s totally unacceptable for students to say’white life is too important’,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “It’s horrifying for teachers to display it in the classroom.”

“It’s not education, it’s indoctrination, and they’re polluting the minds of young children,” Latham said. “It’s neither humanity nor compassion. It’s the ideology of distorted mutants pressed against the throats of small children.”

Mark Latham
Mark Latham talks about launching his new book in Sydney, Australia on October 5, 2017. (Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

According to the school’s website, Lindfield Learning Village opened in 2019 as an alternative school and is “based on empathy and trust.” There is no need to wear school uniforms, no bells are used, and the work is self-assessed by the student.

Jason Wong, president of the New South Wales Parents and Citizens’ Association (P & C), said the school’s unconventional educational style received overwhelming support from parents.

“I thought it was a bit ironic that the word” brainwashing “was used,” Wong said. Was told Sydney Morning Herald. “I saw them because they were encouraged to think about things.”

In a letter to his parents on Wednesday, Principal Stephanie McConnell apologized for the crimes committed and said the teacher had not taught the students the slogan.

“Students were asked to write down any issues they heard from mainstream news, other sources, or commentary. [concerning Aboriginal history]”McConnell wrote. “I apologize for the sin that this poster caused people.”

“We work with the department to ensure that this never happens again.”