Minneapolis Efforts to Abolish Police Station Rake with Cash


Group supporting the abolition of Minneapolis Police stations have raised nearly $ 1 million from liberal subcommittees, including many who do not live near the city.

The group, Yes 4 Minneapolis, succeeded in putting a ballot initiative in front of voters in November and asked if the city would abolish the police station and replace it with a public safety department. Voters will be asked if they support amending the Minneapolis Charter to abolish existing police stations and create a new organization focused on a “comprehensive public health approach” to maintain order. .. language Of the initiative.

According to the campaign finance, the liberal group raised about $ 983,000 in direct and in-kind donations. document Submitted this week.

MoveOn.org, a leftist advocacy group focused on social justice and liberal political issues, was the largest contributor to Yes4 Minneapolis with in-kind donations. In April and May, a prominent national organization granted the Minneapolis Group access to a $ 430,383 mailing list.

Donations from all over the country, from San Francisco and Seattle to Washington DC and New York City, are described by the group as “a coalition of residents, neighbors, businesses, organizations, religious communities and families in the city.” ..It focused on Minneapolis’s “local democracy.” Website..

Police activity in Minneapolis last year nationwide after an unarmed black man George Floyd was killed by a white police officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck in a video that triggered months of protests nationwide. Attracted a lot of attention.

Beyond pressured Minneapolis activists and city leaders to cut law enforcement budgets, Floyd’s post-mortem anxiety has led to a move to remove police funding and assign it to a social justice program instead.

Minneapolis Already cut From this year’s police budget, $ 8 million has been devoted to non-law enforcement programs.

City has lost Over the past year, there have been about 200 executives, as dozens of people chose to retire early or take long vacations in the wake of last summer’s anxieties.

According to the 2020 riots, at least 75 police officers were sick due to post-traumatic stress disorders. Minneapolis Star Tribune.. The bureau is facing a shortage of staff due to the prevalence of violent crimes in the city.

Murders are on the rise, climbing In the same seven months of 2020, this year is 16%.

Crime is also on the rise in cities across the country, in some cities that have funded police stations in response to racial tensions last year.

The reduction affected everything from staffing levels to the ability of officers to answer 911 calls.

For example, Seattle cut $ 46 million from the 2021 police station budget and then confirmed response times to 911 calls. Significantly longer Due to the outflow of officers.

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Many Democrats, including President Joe Biden, have worked to keep the party away from anti-police rhetoric that has led to cuts in US law enforcement budgets, while other Democrats have argued for an unpopular approach. I’m continuing.

Missouri Democrat Cori Bush, a member of the House “Squad”, has arrived Under the fire This week she defended her reliance on expensive private security, pushing for more widespread robbing of law enforcement agencies.

“Police defense must happen,” Bush said during a CBS News appearance. “We are trying to save lives, so we need to defend the police and put the money into the social safety net.”

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