Minneapolis protesters hold the city council vice president “hostage” to sign a list of requests, she says.

Group of Minneapolis Protesters blocked the car the councilor was in on Sunday and insisted she sign a list of requests, including a motion to withdraw all charges against the riot in the aftermath of the riot. George Floyd death.

City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins identified him as the first black transgender woman in her role. 23 minute video Surrounded by protesters, one shouted the request through a loudspeaker while holding notes and requesting her signature on many items.

After a 20-minute discussion, the video shows Jenkins exonerated all suspected riots, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey resigned, and law enforcement and city officials from the “Autonomous Region” known as George Floyd Square. Indicates that you are signing a document that stipulates that you will leave.Information about shooting dead will be released Winston SmithWas killed by a US marshal during a failed arrest on June 3.

Minneapolis riots plunder and light fire after US Marshals service shooting

Jenkins and the driver of an unidentified vehicle were “hostaged” by a mob while attending a pride event in the city, she said on Tuesday.

“While attending a pride event at Rolling Park on Sunday afternoon, I’ve been there on the last weekend of June for over 20 years, but I’ve been verbally attacked and angry by a large group. Was taken hostage.Angry Protester’s Jenkins Said In the statement.

“I have always believed in open dialogue where people can speak and respect the differences,” Jenkins added. “I will continue to sit with activists, supporters and protesters to understand their policy change demands and recommendations, but I refuse to be bullied and held hostage to achieve that. Did.”

Protesters read the list of requests while Jenkins was sitting in the car, and finally verbally or gestured on each item on the agenda, including Frey’s resignation, before signing a note and driving the car. I agreed with.

On Tuesday, Frey blamed the case and called it “fundamentally wrong.”

“It’s good to hold elected civil servants accountable,” he said. I have written By tweet. “We won’t unintentionally detain people for hours until they are compelled to take their place. It’s not a matter of politics or policy. We all call this action what it is, that is. You should call it fundamentally wrong. “

Jenkins did not call 911 regarding the incident, and Minneapolis police did not comment on the matter, a spokesman told the Washington Examiner.

Minneapolis has been a hotbed of anxiety since Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020. George Floyd Square is a self-proclaimed “copless” zone in the city, including a cup food store where former cop Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck. The nine minutes lasted for months, despite opposition from local business owners who criticized the city for failing to deal with crime and gang activities.

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June 3, city workers Demolished the barricade Many components of the site remain, but we have opened the zone to traffic. The next day, a US marshal shot a black Smith who wanted to carry a gun as a convicted serious offender.Officials said he fired at them in the parking lot Violent demonstrators A riot broke out late in the evening.

The rioters plundered the CVS and T-Mobile stores after burning the dumplings.

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Original location: Minneapolis protesters hold the city council vice president “hostage” to sign a list of requests, she says.

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