Minnesota Congressman Passes Moderate Police Accountability Bill

Minneapolis — The Minnesota Senate is part of a broader public security budget bill earlier on Wednesday as the state’s split legislature speeded up to avoid partial closure of the state government. Approved police accountability measures.

The Senate’s 45-21 votes follow Tuesday night’s 75-59 votes in the Minnesota House of Representatives, followed by a 22-and-a-half-year decision on the murder of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin last week. I did. George Floyd’s death. The bill has garnered Republican support in both houses, but some Democrats have voted against it, saying it hasn’t progressed enough. It now goes to Democratic Governor Tim Walz for his signature.

The bill includes a knock ban warrant and restrictions on the use of informants. The floor has been modified to allow “sign and release” warrants so that police do not have to arrest low-level criminals just because they did not appear in court. However, Democrats in the House of Representatives have stopped their push for a ban on “excuse” traffic suspensions due to minor violations such as expired license tabs.

The approval follows a police accountability package passed last summer, including a state-wide ban on the use of strangler figs.

Democrat Carlos Mariani of St. Paul, chairman of the House Public Safety Commission, and one of the top negotiators on the bill said it wasn’t well underway, but approved it anyway and pushed for deeper change. I urged lawmakers to continue.

Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin makes a speech in court
Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin will speak in court on June 25, 2021 at the Hennepin County Courthouse in Minneapolis when Hennepin County Judge Peter Carhill presides over Chauvin’s decision.

Senate Republicans have resisted stronger measures for months, saying they can’t support anything they consider to be anti-police. They prioritized passing a $ 52 billion two-year state government budget to replace the current budget shortage on Wednesday night. Waltz had signed eight major budget proposals by Tuesday, but the public security package was one of the few that still needed approval before the impending deadline.

Warren Limmer, the top negotiator for the Senate Republican Party in Maple Grove, who chairs the Judiciary Committee, said the Democrats will have to try again next year as Republicans can’t go any further in the Republican debate. Said there is.

“We are a divided government,” Rimmer said. “And we face some of these issues with varying degrees of opposition. It was a fairly difficult process to reach common ground. As far as we can go, we have And some of the issues the House of Representatives wants will have to continue to be discussed. “

Parliamentarians planned to meet again late Wednesday to pass the remaining two budgets and complete the special session.

Walz imposes $ 15 million on anti-violence programs on Monday by executive order to allow families of people killed by state law enforcement officers such as state patrols to watch body camera videos within five days I imposed changes such as.

Prior to the debate, more than 12 protesters gathered in the amphitheater of the Capitol, rejecting the compromise and urging the House of Representatives to go through stricter measures. They included Floyd’s girlfriend, Courtney Ross, who testified at Chauvin’s trial.

“We want the House of Representatives to reject it and try again,” said Toshira Galaway, a family founder who supports the family against police violence. .. “We are in a state of emergency. This is not a situation we can wait for another year, so more people could die.”

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