Minnesota Governor Condemns Police Violence Against Media

Governor Tim Walz, D, spoke on Sunday about the allegations reported by journalists. Anxiety of Twin Cities The suburbs of the Brooklyn Center say they have endured police violence CBS Minnesota: “Apology is not enough, it just can’t happen.”

Important reason: Since the violation of Freedom of the press Came to Public attention Last year, there were reports of journalists being arrested and assaulted while reporting anti-racist protests, resulting in violent encounters with law enforcement agencies. Become a norm..

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  • Waltz told CBS Minnesota: In the world And even in our country for the past few years, it seems to freeze. … without them we cannot function as democracy. “

News promotion: Leita Walker, a media lawyer representing nearly 30 media and government transparency groups, has dispatched leaders from law enforcement agencies in Walz and Minnesota. letter Summary of police assault and harassment allegations against journalists on Saturday Protesting Beyond the deadly police Dantelite shooting..

  • This included CNN producer Carolynson, who said two New York Times photojournalist were “harassed by police” and were trying to comply with a dissolution order when Walker was arrested by state police. Includes violent treatment of.

Zoom in: “A soldier grabbed Son with his backpack and threw it on the ground, zipping his hands behind his back,” Walker wrote, repeatedly confirming that he was a journalist.

  • After being tied up with a zipper, a soldier allegedly shouted to Asian-American Son, “Can you speak English?”

“She was patted, searched by a policewoman who had her hands on Son’s pants and bra, fingerprinted, electronically scanned her body, and orange before she could find a lawyer to work for her. I ordered her to peel off and wear her uniform. A process that took more than two hours to secure her and her liberation. “

Excerpt from Walker’s letter

Free photographer Joshua Rashard McFadden, who was in charge of the demonstration New York TimesPolice on Sunday reportedly hit him and his camera with a baton on the window of the car he was in last Tuesday.

  • “It was definitely scary. I’ve never been in a situation where so many policemen hit me or hit my equipment,” he said.

What they are saying: Minnesota Patrol said In the statement The press will be “exempt from general dissolution orders” on Saturday, following a temporary restraint order issued by a federal judge the day before.

  • “Following media feedback, and in light of recent temporary restraint orders … MSP will not photograph journalists or their credentials,” the statement said.

  • “In addition, MSP will no longer include messaging in the scene of advising the media to safely report an event.

“The journalist was detained and released during enforcement after he was qualified, but the journalist was not arrested.”

Minnesota Patrol

Caution: Des Moines Register reporter Andrea Sahori was last month Not guilty of all charges By a jury after she was arrested while reporting on Black Lives Matter’s protest last summer — the observer said she flew in the face of the First Amendment’s protection.

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