Minnesota Man’s Garden is now the destination for all dogs in his neighborhood

When he moved to his new home, Keith Rawls found a surefire way to become the most popular person in the neighborhood — he began handing out dog treats from his front yard.

But that’s not the only role. He also put snacks in his pockets and distributed them during his daily walks. It didn’t take long for his dog’s neighbor to catch up, and now they flock to his yard and wait by the window for him to walk by his own house. “I didn’t expect this to change. The role told KARE11.

Keith and his wife, Linda, live in Apple Valley, Minnesota, and thanks to their treats, they soon became acquainted with their neighbors. Amy Austin told KARE 11 that the dogs Nora and Molly would take her to Rawls’s house. She “has little control over the dog coming down the hill.” “It doesn’t matter if you have time to stop,” Christine McKern said, “make sure you stop,” said the puppies Bear and Cooper.

Dogs love to visit the Rolles family, and their owners love it too. Every night, neighbors stop by in the garden to chat. “When I grew up, people got together to visit, just a short stop at people, and it wasn’t announced,” said Linda Rawls. “Well, that’s like what’s happening here. It really took everyone out of their home.” The role doesn’t currently have their own pet, and Linda said it’s okay. , Because the dogs in the neighborhood are “all our dogs, we can enjoy them all”.

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