Miss South Carolina was crowned in Columbia. Who won.

For the past few years, Julia Herin, Miss Clarendon County, was the first runner to Miss South Carolina Teen and the first runner to Miss South Carolina.

Now she is Miss South Carolina 2021.

Herin Miss South Carolina Organization She noticed herself on Saturday night because she was 13 years old dreams In front of the Township Auditorium full.

Before her name was called, she and Miss Spartanberg Lindsey Barrel stood in the middle, trapped in a hug, waiting for an answer that would follow Morgan Nichols’ two-year run as Miss, South Carolina. Was there.

After the decision was announced, Herin knelt down, her shoulders quivered, and her face was surprised but shed no tears.

“I believe in this journey,” she told host Daniel Sectin after a while. “When the time comes, God will make it happen.”

In the past part of the contest, the top five contestants were asked to pitch by the judges before the judges made the final selection.

Herin was all a business. She said she has plans for three, six, and nine months to develop the business of the MIss South Carolina organization. She wants to raise more scholarships and increase her participation by 20 percent.

She also had the top score of the night in the competitive talent part. She played the third movement of Mozart’s Moonlight Sonata on the piano. She is Auburn, playing the piano and a communication double major. Her goal is to be a lawyer.

Herin’s platform is to teach social literacy, which can be an agent for raising people’s self-esteem and a catalyst for change. In an interview on stage during qualifying, she said social media caused anxiety and pressure.

“Social media is more than our phone app,” she said. “It affects our real life.”

Herin was crowned by Nichols, who served as South Carolina Miss for two years when COVID canceled last year’s contest.

As Miss South Carolina, Herin won a $ 60,000 cash scholarship.

The first runner-up is Barrel, the second runner-up is Miss Clemson Anna Newton, the third runner-up is Miss Riverity Trisizemore, and the fourth runner-up is Miss Midlands Emily Wakeman. did.

Other members of the Top 10 were Miss Capital City Madison Coffman, Miss Charleston Christina Graceharding, Miss Gamecock Curry Farrell, Miss Greater Greer Jada Samuel, and Miss Hub City Jill Dudley.

Top 16 semi-finalists included Miss Berkeley County Carledleyton, Miss Dorman Bayley Smith, Miss Greenville County Ashley Jones, Miss Inman Brookmills, Miss North Charleston Brookve, and Miss Richland County Peyton Deal. It was.

Nichols will attend Johns Hopkins University with a Master’s degree in Biotechnology and Business. She majored in genetics at Clemson University.

For the past two years, Nichols has traveled the state to discuss the importance of STEM education with groups in schools and elsewhere. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Nichols will be Vice-Chair of the Miss South Carolina Foundation, a new organization established to support the Miss South Carolina organization.

The Foundation is chaired by Jeff Black, 27 years ago, moderator and board member of the Miss South Carolina pageant.

He said he was the first Miss Clarendon to help his daughter help her and continue to help her succeed in her life.

Herin will be competing in the Miss America Tournament in Connecticut in December.

Dabria Aguilar was also named the new Miss South Carolina Teen on Friday night at the Township Auditorium. Miss South Carolina Teen Kelan Fenegan 2019, who represented Colombia, served for two years to cancel the contest.

At the start of the show, 15 athletes were selected by the judges as semi-finalists from among 35 athletes. Piedmont Teen Piper Holt joined the group as the winner of the People’s Choice based on online voting.

The judges chose the top 10 after the fitness competition and the top five were announced after the talent’s performance.

The first runner-up is Georgetown County Teen Hannah Young, the second runner-up is Clemson Teen Riley Ray, the third runner-up is Greer Highteen Eracate Brannon, and the fourth runner-up is Spartan Bergteen. It was Messiah Moring.

17-year-old Aguilar played modern ballet and had the highest talent score of all contestants. She is from Hanahan and attends Hanahan High School.

Aguilar wants to focus on special education. She said she would like to visit all special education classes in the state to increase student confidence and narcissism.

Aguilar will be competing in Orlando’s Miss Outstanding Teen Competition, which begins on July 28th in qualifying. As Miss South Carolina Teen, she won a $ 10,000 scholarship on Friday night.

After graduating from high school this year, Fenegen will enter Clemson University in August to study genetics.She said in an interview Jack and Megan Show Last fall, she may decide to compete in a South Carolina beauty pageant. She was in the top 10 for Miss Outstanding Teens and had the best GPA. She began her involvement with Miss South Carolina as a princess.

As a South Carolina teen, Fenegen, she has worked for the past two years through Kelan’s Croset organization to provide foster care items. She announced on Friday night that the organization had been internationalized. It is located in 14 states and 3 countries. She said.

“Without the organization of Miss South Carolina, I wouldn’t have had the courage,” she said. “I am incredibly grateful.”

Other members of the Top 10 were Florence Teen Alexandra Hamilton, Green Wave Teen Anskook, Piedmont Teen Piper Holt, South Florence High School Teen Constance Mixon, and Upstate Teen Belpits.

Top 16 semi-finalists include Clarendonteen Nicole Elera, Dorchester County Teen, Muskan McCarner, Garden City Teen Ashley O’Connor, Immanteen Emmacque, Palmetto Teen Abbey Scraggs, and Greater Greerteen Kelsey Planck.

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