Miss Thailand wore a dress made of soda tubs at the Miss Universe pageant

Miss Thailand 2022

Miss Thailand Anna Suangam Iam during the Miss Universe qualifiers in January 2023.Benjamin Asquinas/Miss Universe Organization

  • Anna Suangam Iam from Thailand wore a dress made out of soda tabs during the Miss Universe qualifiers.

  • Designed by Manirat, this dress combines the aluminum tabs of the tin with Swarovski crystals.

  • Sueangam-iam said the dress pays tribute to her upbringing and her parents who were garbage collectors.

Miss Universe pageant kicks off this week In the qualifying competition — and one contestant has already made headlines.

miss thai anna suangam iam She wowed the crowd with a dress made out of soda tabs, which she wore during her evening dress round.

Since Sueangam-iam shared her photo, the dress has gone viral and has garnered over 150,000 likes Instagram.

Designed by brand Manirat, the upcycled ensemble known as the Hidden Precious Diamond Dress combines aluminum soda can pull tabs with Swarovski crystals.

Miss Thailand 2022

Sueangam-iam’s dress was made of soda can tabs and Swarovski crystals.Benjamin Asquinas/Miss Universe Organization

Even the dress has a hidden meaning. The soda tab pays tribute to Sueangam-iam’s upbringing.

“This gown was inspired by my immediate surroundings from my childhood,” she wrote on Instagram. Surrounded by mountains of what is possible, this one-of-a-kind gown was deliberately made to order using waste and recycled materials, meaning that what is considered worthless It is a “Can Tab” to present to the universe. Many people actually have their own unique value and beauty. Thank you for watching it, listening to it and hopefully being a message of self-esteem.?

“She has been called the ‘Queen of Trash Beauty’ by some, but she still shines as a precious jewel. miss thai instagram page.

Miss Thailand 2022

Sueangam-iam’s dress was designed by Manirat.Benjamin Asquinas/Miss Universe Organization

according to her formula Biography of Miss UniverseSueangam-iam, now 24, was born and raised in the slums of Bangkok. Her family then sent her to her temple to protect her from her dangerous surroundings. She was raised among Buddhist nuns and her diet consisted primarily of monks’ leftovers.

“At a young age, poverty set her apart from other children in her school life, especially her tuition fees,” her bio says. “To cover her tuition, she had to collect merit points, donate blood each semester, collect plastic bottles, and clean public toilets. I have come to question that I am becoming more susceptible to

Miss Thailand in the 2023 Miss Universe Costume Contest.

Miss Thailand in the 2023 Miss Universe Costume Contest.Benjamin Askinas

Sueangam-iam now wants to use her platform to represent and amplify the voices of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. She is currently working with many non-profit organizations including Smile Train Thailand.

Miss Universe final Streaming Saturdays at 7pm ET on Roku Channel. It will also be broadcast in Spanish on Telemundo.

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