Miss USA 2022 R’Bonney Gabriel responds to accusations she won for ‘favourites’


Miss USA 2022 R’Bonney Gabriel has responded to allegations by another contestant that the contest was rigged in her favor.

Gabriel made history in july by becoming the first Filipino-American to win Miss Texas USA before winning the Miss USA crown. faced with speculation Unfair advantage immediately after the event.

Miss Montana Heather Lee O’Keeffe took On her TikTok account, she claims that after speaking with other contestants, most of them “feel very strongly that Miss Texas USA was favored and have receipts to prove it.” doing.

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She also took to Instagram Live on Wednesday and said: That is how strongly we feel about standing up for what is right. ”

According to O’Keeffe, the 2021 Miss USA class has already filed a lawsuit against the organizers, but she did not provide further details about her claims.

Miss New York Heather Nunez also alluded to the controversy on her Instagram story, saying she and the other contestants felt “humiliated.”

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“I am speechless,” she wrote. “The way I entered this pageant and gave the last of my heart and soul… I felt humiliated, thinking we had a fair chance to enter something.”

Nunez says she’s “not here to make a sobbing story” and speaks up only because “I want to prevent future contestants from feeling like I do.”

The controversy first surfaced shortly after Gabrielle was named Miss USA 2022, when the other contestants suddenly left the stage, seemingly leaving her alone.

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Former Miss USA contestant Jasmine Jones claimed the sudden exit was questionable, noting that it was unlike previous competitions where runners-up approached and congratulated the winner.

As proof of the beauty pageant’s goodwill, O’Keeffe highlighted a video posted by NIZUC Resort & Spa showing Gabrielle enjoying an all-inclusive spa visit among the winner’s prizes within 24 hours of winning. is showing.

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“@MissUSA was crowned in less than 24 hours, but she’s already got a sponsored vacation at @NIZUCResort,” she wrote. was given to you, which is embarrassing at this point.

She also pointed out that one of the Miss USA pageant judges is the founder of NIZUC’s affiliate, MIA Beaute. The founder also posted a photo of Miss Texas on her Instagram story.

O’Keeffe further claimed that the president of the tournament helped Gabriel train and styled the candidates’ hair weeks before the contest.

One of the organizers of the Miss USA event, Crystal Stewart, was also pictured in a photo shared by O’Keefe sporting Gabrielle’s hair.

Stewart had a pageant coaching firm called Miss Academy that Gabrielle reportedly attended before the pageant.

In response to the allegations, Gabriel said: yes!news On Thursday, the pageant said it was “not being rigged.”

“I never enter contests or competitions that I know I will win,” she continued. “I have a lot of integrity.”

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