Missing 17-year-old girl allegedly groomed online, Michigan police say

Authorities in Michigan are looking for a high school student who they believe was lured in by internet trimmers.

of Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office The family picked up Ea Kuhr at Dexter High School on Wednesday, February 1, but the 17-year-old boy “deliberately avoided them and left to meet an unknown subject.”

“Information obtained during the early stages of the investigation indicates a pattern of social media and internet use in grooming and a coordinated attempt to separate Yia from her family,” the sheriff’s office said. . “At this time, it is believed that Ayre left of his own free will.”

According to the sheriff, Ayer was last seen wearing light gray sweatpants, a dark hooded sweatshirt, white tennis shoes, and carrying a gray backpack.

High school property and cameras SearchedAccording to MLive.com, Dexter Superintendent Chris Timmis said:

Anyone with information should contact the Sheriff’s Office at 734-994-2911.

Dexter High School is located in Dexter, about 50 miles west of Detroit.

According to the Innocent Lives Foundation, grooming can occur on any online site that allows users to communicate with other users.

“Grooming is about an adult building a relationship with a child by meeting the needs of the child’s life or by exploiting the child’s vulnerabilities.” the foundation said“This is a process that can occur over a period of time to ultimately exploit a child through sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or trafficking.”

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