Missing Indiana teen Aaliyah Ramirez turns out to be safe in Florida


The disappeared 14-year-old Aaliyah Ramirez was found safe in Florida four months after disappearing while walking to a bus stop in Syracuse, Indiana.

Ariya Ramirez

Ariya Ramirez

Was a teen Featured in Dateline NBC’s “Missing in America”Was last seen leaving her home on Parkway Drive in Syracuse on the morning of April 27, 2021.

Silver Alert was issued three days later and remained active during the search for Aaliyah. The warning said authorities believed that teens were at risk.

After a four-month search and a petition to the general public Find Aaliyah Ramirez / # FindAaliyah Ramirez Facebook page, teen found.

Alert canceled On Friday, police confirmed that Aaliyah was in a safe and living place in Florida. As of Saturday morning, details about the incident and what happened before she was discovered were not available, but officials said additional information would be released that day.

Aaliyah’s parents, Anthony Ramirez and Ashria Spi, I told Dateline in May They thought her daughter could be in her relatives in Florida, but believed she was being detained against her will and at risk.

On Friday, Aaliyah’s mother, Ashria Spi, posted on Facebook the news that her daughter was found to be safe. She said two women, Liz Sands and Alyssa Sands, who had previously identified her as part of the family, were arrested for leaving their teens in a hotel room for months.

A search for reservation blotters at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office revealed that the two women mentioned in Ashli’s post were detained on Friday.

Police did not confirm the details of the arrest or identify the location found in Aaliyah, Florida.