Missing teens are believed to have been safely kidnapped by a tech-savvy dad in Alabama, officials say


A 15-year-old girl persuades her boyfriend to kill her dad because there are too many rules.

Parent-child relationships can be difficult, but the killing of Lewis “Lewi” Flyer reveals a dark and twisted plan planned by his own teenage daughter. On the morning of May 13, 2010, in Guthrie, Oklahoma, a furious 911 arrived from a 15-year-old girl who reported finding her father dead in a 15-year-old girl. “Blood is everywhere … I’ve never seen a corpse,” Curry Flyer said in a phone call from “Killer Couples,” which aired Sunday on 8 / 7c of oxygen. Desperately say. When police arrived at the scene, they found Lewy Fryer dead in his bedroom. There were obvious signs of struggle, with blood on the walls, floor and beds. I was stabbed in my neck and back. His car was missing, but there was no evidence of forced entry. Kaleigh told investigators that she last met her father the night before when she went to bed. As usual he didn’t wake her up. So when she woke up around 7am, she went to see him and found a bloody scene. Kaleigh Fryer and Jay Chiles When asked if her father had an enemy, as seen in the footage obtained by “Killer Couples,” Kaligh replied, “Everyone likes my dad.” The official spoke to Curry’s 18-year-old brother Keith, who had an alibi. He was with a friend the night before. They also spoke to his ex-wife, Trisha. The two broke up in 1997 due to her drug addiction, and Lewi had sole custody. “I don’t remember much about my childhood mother, because she spent so much time in jail going in and out of our lives,” Keith Flyer told the producer. Trish denied that it had nothing to do with the murder, and it was clear that the custody of the children was not the motive. Police then wiped out the neighborhood and told people who knew the Flyer family. What I learned from two of Kaley’s friends changed the direction of my research. They revealed that Curry was very rebellious and was known for drinking, having parties, and fighting when his father wasn’t at home. She was banished many times. Friend Gina Porter told “Killer Couples”, “Cayley wasn’t the person you wanted to interfere with. If that happens, she’s afraid to throw her hand or hit someone’s face. People knew there wasn’t. Recently, according to a friend, Levi was trying to order and make more rules for Curry, who she hated. But the most shocking thing was for Curry. There was a 21-year-old boyfriend, Jay Chili’s. In Oklahoma, the age difference between the two meant that their sexual relationship violated the statue rape law. Had no home, no work, no money. Kaleigh had him sneak into Flyer’s mansion on a regular basis at night. She hid him from her father, but just before he was killed, Lewy He knew about Chili. He confronted him and told him not to see his daughter anymore. “He didn’t like it because of his age difference and never forgave him,” Keith said. The search for “it was an illegal relationship” was ultimately a search for Chili’s, who settled in Oklahoma City. Chili’s initially told investigators that it had nothing to do with the murder, but eventually admitted that he was at Flyer’s house on the night of the murder. He claimed he tried to attack him at the club. Chili grabbed the knives he used for self-defense, he said. However, authorities knew from the bloodstains in the bedroom that Lewi had been killed in bed and that the golf club at home was still hidden in the closet. They told Chile that his story didn’t work. I told you. Chili’s then claimed to have gone home to rob Levi, but when Levi woke up, Chili’s panicked and stabbed him. This story was not yet true to the investigators. Pressing again, he revealed that Curry had persuaded him to kill his father. “Jay wants to kill his father because he’s mean and has too many rules to live with his mother and be happy with him,” said Leslie March, a former Logan District Attorney. Told. I told the producer. According to Chile, Curry repeatedly asked him to kill his father, but he always refused until he told him he was pregnant. “This is the one who was kicked out of the house, and Curry told him. I propose a plan. They will live with their mother, be happy and have a place to live. I will offer him something I can’t refuse, “said Billy Wheeler, a lawyer in Guthrie. Stated. Eventually, Karei told Chile that morning how to get into the house, where to put the knife, steal the car, and escape to Oklahoma City after committing the murder. She contacted him all night and called him before calling 911 for check-in. But she didn’t show up at the meeting place. Phone records confirm his story–Cayley did call Chile shortly before calling 119 in the morning. Approximately 16 hours after the murder, Jay Chili’s and Cary Flyer were arrested and first-class. He was charged with murder. Later, Curry’s diary was discovered. She writes in multiple entries about how much she hated her father. Eventually, it turned out that Curry wasn’t actually pregnant, causing a devastating blow to Chile. “She manipulated Jay to do what she wanted to do and got what she wanted to do,” March told the producer. In July 2010, Chile pleaded guilty to a first-class murder in exchange for life imprisonment with parole. He also agreed to testify to Curry, who claimed her innocence. In May 2011, Kaleigh Fryer, now 16 years old, was tried as an adult and convicted of first-class murder. She was also sentenced to life imprisonment, which could lead to parole. “I think both Curry and Jay had problems and I didn’t like each other,” Porter told the producer. For more information on this and similar incidents, see Sunday at 8:07 at Oxygen. Watch the airing “Killer Couples” or stream the episode here.