Missing Texas boy arrested after dead body found in trunk of Nebraska car chase


A 17-year-old boy was arrested in a murder investigation in Texas after he led police in a high-speed chase over the body of a woman in a car in Nebraska, officials said.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office identified the boy as Tyler Loenz. The person found dead in the trunk has not been identified.

Tyler Lowentz and his mother, Michelle Lowentz, 49, were reported missing Thursday night, according to the sheriff’s office that patrols the Houston area. He was last seen late Thursday morning at his home in Humble.

Authorities did not provide additional information about the woman on Friday.

Michelle Lowenz, Tyler Lowenz.  (Harris County Sheriff's Office via Facebook)

Michelle Lowenz, Tyler Lowenz. (Harris County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook)

On Friday afternoon, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office alerted Nebraska police that a vehicle linked to the Roenz family was in Nebraska, state officials said in a statement.

Troopers spotted and tracked the sedan in traffic, and a speed of 110 mph was observed on Interstate 80 near Grand Island, according to the statement.

About nine miles west, the sedan hit a large rig and then hit a tree before coming to a halt, according to Nebraska State Police. A 17-year-old boy suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries and was hospitalized and arrested.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez explained The condition of the teenager is “serious”.

Nebraska police said they were told by Harris County officials that Sedan was “believed to be involved in the murder,” according to a state police statement.

Gonzalez murmured On Friday, his homicide detective was involved in the case and is “coordinating with local authorities.”

This article was originally published on NBCNews.com