Mississippi’s dad suffers a stroke after the Johnson & Johnson vaccination. This is what happened.

A 7-year-old, 43-year-old father from Ocean Springs suffered a stroke hours after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Brad Malagary was healthy on April 6th before having a stroke at work. He was vaccinated during the lunch break and had a stroke later that afternoon, said his aunt Celeste O’keeffe.

Malagaly suffered from ischemic stroke, the most common form of stroke caused by blood clots in the arteries leading to the brain. He is being treated at the Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, O’keeffe said.

She said Oxners had a stroke Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System It is managed by the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“He didn’t jump off the plane,” O’keeffe said. “He didn’t eat anything different. There was no difference in his life other than the vaccine. Whatever happened to Brad, that was the factor.”

TheĀ· Recommended by FDA and CDC on Tuesday Six women aged 18-48 “paused with great care” after developing a rare coagulopathy after Johnson & Johnson vaccination. Vaccine use will be discontinued until the case is considered.

Mississippi and most other states Vaccine not available for the time being.

After vaccination, women developed a type of thrombosis called dural venous sinus thrombosis in combination with low levels of platelets, according to federal officials.

The other two vaccines deployed in December prior to the Johnson & Johnson single-shot are still considered safe and effective. Both the Moderna vaccine and the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, which require two doses, Fewer side effects From the first predicted study.

Doctors say these symptoms, such as low-grade fever and malaise, usually go away within a day or two and are a sign that the body is building immunity to COVID-19.

Stroke hit after Johnson & Johnson vaccination

Malagaly wanted to get the COVID vaccine because she was trying to take part in a trial of Dancel Multimedia, which works as a media engineer. D’Iberville provides video, graphics and other support to lawyers.

“He works around many people,” said O’Keefe, who co-founded Dancel with her husband. “He wanted to be safe for everyone else.”

He returned to work after being shot. Later that afternoon, Malagaly complained that his right arm was injured.

About an hour later, a colleague noticed that Malagary was staring at his computer screen and couldn’t get a response from him. Then he fell out of his chair and made a 911 call. O’keeffe said his colleague suspected a stroke because Malagary couldn’t speak or move to the right.

His family moved him from the Memorial Hospital in Gulfport to the Okners in New Orleans. He was admitted to the neurocritical care unit a week ago, but has since improved enough to move the stroke patient to the treatment floor.

O’keeffe said the family is said to be able to take up to a year for rehabilitation. They want Malagaly to be admitted to Atlanta’s premier stroke rehabilitation center.

Friends raising money for their families

O’Keefe has launched a Facebook fundraising page. Stroke after J & J vaccinationTo raise money for the many costs his family would face for a stroke. Dancel will donate up to $ 10,000 to match the donation of over $ 36,000 on Tuesday afternoon.

Wife Kori, an employee trainer at a casino restaurant, is not currently working, so she can be on her husband’s side.

A “meal train” was organized to help people Sign up to deliver your meal, Or donate money for meals for Malagalian children.

“Anyone who knows him knows he’s a really nice person and a great dad,” said his colleague Kelly Atkinson.

Malagary was raising three children when he fell in love with his future wife, Kori. He accidentally sent a text message to her on her cell phone, from which the relationship blossomed, O’keeffe said.

When the couple got married, Kori Malagary also had three children. They have one child together. Their children range from 22 to 4 years old. Malagary holds a family calendar to track the activities of four children who still live at home, such as cheerleading, dancing and baseball.

A colleague at Brad Malagary describes him as quiet, calm and entertaining.He blew air horns without warning, played funny videos to release tension, and everyone was preparing for a major trial.

O’keeffe said he worked hard and was happy with everything around the office, including dumping trash.

Kelly Atkinson said Malagary is a reliance on friends who need advice. If he could help, she said, he would.

What happened to Malagari is still unrealistic, O’keeffe said. Doctors cannot rule out the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as the cause of his stroke, she said.

She said, “We are now walking around like a movie, it will disappear and he will walk.”