Missouri AG will take over the GOP Group, which has been facing scrutiny and staff confusion since January 6th.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt has been appointed chairman of the Republican Attorney General’s group after the Georgia AG resigned last month because of internal cracks caused by the January 6 riots.

Schmidt’s office confirmed his position as president of the Republican Attorney General’s Association (RAGA), but referred to the group itself when he took that position and his agenda.

“AG Schmidt became president of RAGA two weeks ago. He was previously vice president of the organization,” said RAGA spokesman Johnny Collemenos.

“Republican AG continues to fight the fundamental overkill of the Biden administration, which has destroyed jobs in the Keystone XL pipeline, destroyed jobs, rampant China in the interests of the United States, and implemented policies that trampled religious freedom. And the freedom of the citizens. “

After Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr resigned last month, Schmidt took on the role of chairman. His position is tentative while waiting for the group to vote for Kerr’s successor.

Mr. Kerr said last month there was widespread disagreement among members of the group about its direction.

“This fundamental disagreement began with a very opposed view of the importance of the January 6 event and its resistance to accepting the Secretary-General’s resignation.” Kerr wrote in a letter on April 16 obtained and published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Adam Piper, a former Executive Secretary of RAGA, said that when Congress was meeting to accept the results of the Electoral College, the rules of the Legal Defense Fund, the group’s policy arm, were on the Capitol on January 6th. He resigned in January after being reported to have helped organize the march.

The role of the group in organizing the march has been scrutinized ever since. A deadly riot in the Houses of Parliament. Schmidt and his Kansas counterpart, Attorney General Derek Schmidt, Robocall made by the group the day before the riot.

Schmidt’s office was in contact with the organization for the January 5 meeting, but Robocall claims that it did not appear in any of their contacts.

In April, RAGA’s board voted to name Peter Bisby as new executive director. Bisby previously led the Law and Defense Fund’s rules, and his promotion ranked long-time staff.

A progressive surveillance group, the Media and Democracy Center, reported on Tuesday that RAGA Operations Director Jason Heath has resigned following Bisby’s promotion.

“After eight years of work, I’m pleased to announce that I made the difficult decision to resign from RAGA’s Operations Director. I respect your vote, but the direction is to be honest with me. It ’s not the direction that can be done. ”Heath I said in an email issued by the center.

By accepting the chair, Brandon Richards, a spokesman for the Attorney General of Democracy, said, “AG Schmidt is pleased with Bisby’s role at the January 6 event and agrees that he deserves a promotion. It also shows that, “he said in an email.

RAGA’s internal cracks occur after Schmidt and several Attorney Generals play An important role in unsuccessful proceedings in an attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Schmidt, now a candidate for the US Senate, has organized Amikas Briefs in support of a Texas lawsuit attempting to abandon President Joe Biden’s victory in four swing states, including Car’s hometown of Georgia.

In his resignation in April, Mr. Kerr said the difference between Republican Attorney Generals “continues as he tried to restore RAGA’s reputation at home and abroad.”

Kerr was announced as Raga’s chairman in November 2020, shortly after the election... The same release, named Schmitt, He has just been elected to the maturity election as Missouri Attorney General and Vice Chairman.

Schmidt worked closely with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and partnered with him in a proceeding to challenge the election results. Multiple proceedings against the Biden administration.

On the campaign trail, Schmidt “Take a torch lamp” on Biden’s agenda And he has sought to emphasize his relationship with former President Donald Trump.

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