Missouri Health Director Supports Vaccination

Did you know that public health opponents, and obviously decency and longevity opponents, are always pretending to be an obligation to oppose, not the life-saving COVID-19 vaccine itself?

So how did Missouri Republicans prevent the legislature from confirming the new state health director? He doesn’t even support mandates, but he’s out because people want to protect themselves from pandemics.

Donald KauelaufFormer Illinois public health authorities, who have been acting as our Deputy Director of Health since September, are currently unconfirmed.As the star news article states, he said, “He Too strong for vaccination.. “

You can’t have it.

The person can and should resubmit his nomination next week, but he hasn’t. That’s because he doesn’t stand up to the false information that is killing the Missouri.

Instead, he succumbed to a couple of radicals attacked by about 100 chowder heads who showed signs of waving this week. “Persons have become friends,” said one of them, while another compared public health measures to slavery.

Kawelauf was considered suspicious, not a joke, because he had worked in the blue states of Illinois for many years. His priority was to improve Missouri’s dire health and access to primary care. This timid display from Republicans, including the governor, will delay those goals.

And which public health officials who believe in public health still want the job?

Parsons Tweeted his candidate’s defense on Monday It was almost as stupid as the criticism. He praised Kawelauf as a person with “our Missouri principles: Christian values, family values, and a disciplined moral compass guided by love for this country.”

This is all fine, but the point is different. And so are Jews, Muslims and other values, as well as the religious and secular “Missouri Principles”? Let’s say you named the state religion. Governor and James Madison, please give us a few words.

Senator Mike Moon, on the far right, who is running for Congress, is particularly keenly opposed to acting director’s comment that he is the chief critic of Kawelauf and wants all Missouri citizens to be vaccinated.

Moon also said that Kawelauf, who self-aware as a pro-life, does not have enough pro-life.

But what about putting a prominent civil servant on the street to save lives?

After Kaewerauf’s immediate resignation, Parson lamented, “Since Senate Missouri chose to spoil the ego of a few men, we now have to confuse the state’s operations and the leadership of the entire department.” I put it out. The events that have happened in the last few days surrounding Don’s Senate confirmation hearing are shameful, arguably wrong, and embarrassing for the state and the people we serve. “

Absolutely true, Governor. So you had to confront these lies about COVID a few years ago. Instead, you spoiled them, and this is the result.