Missouri prison officers were raising the federal flag on the prom.She calls it a “Southern Heritage”

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office One of the prison employees defends his decision to wear federal flag-raising clothes years before he started working for an agency.

Sgt. Samantha Bell, an employee of the prison department of the sheriff’s office, wore a red dress with a star and a bar on her senior prom. Wellington-Napolean High School 2013. Bell has been working in the sheriff’s office for the past five years. Lafayette County borders Jackson County to the east.

The star contacted the sheriff’s office on Thursday after receiving anonymous advice to raise concerns.Lafayette County Sheriff Kerrick Arumbo The photo said he had talked with Bell.

“Our employees advise that they are not wearing this dress and making racial statements. She simply described the Southern heritage in memory of her deceased grandmother,” Sheriff said. The official said in an email on Friday.

Bell did not respond to the star’s request for comment via a Facebook message.

“My daughter’s legacy and my legacy”

Anonymous Talekomi, Bell, too Central Missouri Police Academy, Details Star could not verify Friday independently. The police academy is located at the University of Central Missouri.

In a statement, the police academy refused to identify one of the trainees. Family Education Rights and Privacy Law, Or FERPA. However, the law does not, in fact, prevent the academy from commenting on such issues.

Bell’s mother, Holly Pierce, said she made a dress for her daughter. Pierce claimed that there were no racists on this symbol.

“I’m not going to stand out here and have this discussion with you and freeze to death,” she told a star reporter from a driveway in Mayview, Missouri, Friday morning. “You really need to take this up with Sam (Bell) and go back and read your history.”

“To blame me for something that has nothing to do with the flag of the South Army, except that you come to my property and my daughter’s heritage and my heritage are absolutely wrong. . “

Racist history of the federal flag

The federal flag is a racist and is classified by as a symbol of hatred Defamation prevention league.

in recent years, South Army symbols and statues After the Civil War during the Jim Crow era, most of it was built in the civil rights movement, but it began to decline. Mississippi removed the stars and bars from the state flag in 2020 because some states considered the image.

In his message to the star, Sheriff Arumbo stated that the agency had never received “complaints or concerns of racial prejudice” while Bell worked there for five years.

Lauren Bonds, Head of Legal Affairs for the National Police Accountability Project, said it is important for law enforcement to conduct extensive background checks on past militant or racist statements and posts.

“I am confident that this will undermine people’s confidence in this particular officer,” Bond said.

She added that there are subtle boundaries regarding disciplinary action that can be taken against employees who have done something in the past before being hired.

Sgt. Samantha Bell, where the Lafayette County Sheriff's Office is located, is shown in the two pictures above. On the left is a photo of her mother wearing a Confedeate Flag style dress that she made for her senior prom in 2013. On the right is the award from the Sheriff's Office in 2020 after discovering 10 grams of methamphetamine. Hidden in jail.

Sgt. Samantha Bell, where the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office is located, is shown in the two pictures above. On the left is a photo of her mother wearing a South Army flag-style dress made on a senior prom in 2013. On the right is the award from the Sheriff’s Office in 2020 after discovering 10 grams of methamphetamine hidden in prison. ..

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