Missouri Sheriff says a photo of a partially naked missing woman in a cage leads to arrest

A photo of a woman trapped in a cage proved to be a breakthrough in her mysterious disappearance in Missouri, officials said.

Currently, two men have been arrested, but Cassidy Rainwater is still missing.

RainwaterThe 33-year-old went missing in late July, and her last “association” is in Dallas, Laclede, and Greene County, southwestern Missouri, officials said.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office released a photo of the rainwater on September 1 and asked for help in finding her.

Approximately two weeks later, an anonymous Talekomi provided the FBI in Kansas City with a photo of a woman in a “partially naked” cage, according to court documents.

She was identified as stormwater.

Before the FBI obtained the photo, Dallas County investigators learned that 58-year-old James Phelps was the last person Rainwater had come into contact with, court documents say.

According to Phelps, Rainwater stayed at home “until he recovered” and boarded a car parked at the end of the driveway at midnight about a month ago. According to court documents, he said she was talking about going to Colorado.

Phelps showed an agent around his property and the loft area of ​​his house where he said he stayed. The adjutant noticed that the loft was “slightly stripped” and that there was no rainwater personal belongings.

According to court documents, the investigator returned to Phelps’ house after receiving the photo, and he again told them that the rainwater had left at midnight. This time, the sheriff’s office obtained a search warrant for his phone and found seven photographs of rainwater trapped in a cage in his house while they were partially naked, court documents. Says.

He was detained.

The sheriff’s office also focused its investigation on another man, Timothy Norton. A few days after the FBI received the photo, Norton told investigators that he helped Phelps “control” the rainwater the day before he went missing in late July, according to court documents. Norton knew that Rainwater was trapped in a cage, court documents said.

“Norton, after arriving at Phelps’s house, pushed her down for quite some time to facilitate felony affidavits, injure (her) physical injuries, and terrorize her. (Rainwater) I admitted that I was physically trapped. “The security officer’s deputy wrote in an affidavit of possible causes.

The affidavit did not include the type of felony or injury inflicted on the stormwater.

Phelps When Norton He has been charged with kidnapping. According to court records, they are also faced with felony-promoting, injuring and horrifying crimes.

A Missouri police officer said the man was selling a catalytic converter but forgot to hide the stimulant.

An 11-year-old pistol whip driver while his mother steals a key in Carjack, Missouri, police said.

According to Missouri police, his nephew kills his uncle and tries to hide under the shower curtain.