Missourians need to vote for a petrol tax hike.Then lawmakers need to do what voters say

We disagree with the prosperity of Americans-Missouri on almost every issue.Semi-liberal Support group Wrong about a long list of taxes, spending, health insurance and other issues.

Still, I don’t think Missouri should fight AFP-Missouri’s efforts to raise state-wide petrol taxes On ballot In 2022.

Congress approved the tax increase on the last day of the session. If Governor Mike Parson signs the bill as expected, Missouri’s fuel tax will rise 2.5 cents a year for five years starting in October, reaching 12.5 cents per gallon in 2025.

The long-delayed and coveted tax will raise about $ 500 million annually for repairs of state and local roads and bridges.

AFP-Missouri hates taxes in the heat of 1,000 suns and ignores complaints about potholes and bridge collapse. This week, he submitted documents to the Secretary of State asking him to sign a petition to force him to vote for a tax increase.

We support gasoline tax increase. Missouri is currently one of the lowest petrol taxes in the country, at 17 cents per gallon, resulting in disasters on roads and bridges. This is especially problematic in rural areas.

“I think it’s important to do everything we can to improve the state’s transportation infrastructure,” said Republican Senator David Schatz. Said this spring.. Gradually increasing the levy makes sense in every way.

But here is another fundamental problem at stake. It is the right to reject laws that the Mizurians do not agree with. That right is embedded in the Missouri Constitution and survived this year’s session unharmed, despite the efforts of anti-democratic Republicans who hated voters.

A state-wide vote on a petrol tax hike will reveal the public’s desire to pay for road improvements.

AFP-Missouri has the full right to collect signatures for submitting bills on ballots.Group will be needed Approximately 110,000 valid signaturesWhether to give or take the bill from six of the state’s eight parliamentary districts to vote.

The timetable is short. The petition must be submitted around the end of August. There is always the possibility that state officials will try to manipulate the calendar, as it was two years ago when abortion law opponents called for a state-wide referendum.

Those opponents were fooled by the right to vote. It should never happen.

There is another reason not to oppose the petrol tax vote. Putting the plan on the ballot will teach AFP-Missouri and all of us an important lesson about hypocrisy.

Last August, Missouri voters overwhelmingly approved the expansion of Medicaid in the state. That was right: We approved the petition And the Medicaid expansion vote many years before it actually happened.

AFP? Not so many. In fact, AFP has been fiercely opposed to the expansion of Medicaid on almost every occasion. Proceedings For petition for initiative. Let’s straighten this: People have the right to vote for petrol tax, but in health care should they go home silently?

Voters can be seen through Doublespeak. They want to hear their voice, whether it’s the expansion of Medicaid or the petrol tax.

It’s important to be consistent. We believe that we should always listen to the voice of the people, so we have approved the initiative and referendum on the issues we support and oppose. And unlike the legislature, we believe in the rule of law.

We also trust voters’ decisions. This is more than you can say for the prosperity of those who represent voters and the prosperity of Americans.