Mitt Romney says Donald Trump’s return “feeds the illness and probably makes it incurable.”

Senator Mitt Romney speaks to reporters at Parliament

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  • Senator Mitt Romney says the return of former President Donald Trump will feed the country’s “illness.”

  • He cited Trump’s false claim of winning the 2020 election as a “typical example” of denial.

  • Joe Biden is a “true good man” who has not broken through “our national illness”. He wrote..

Senator Mitt Romney said the country is suffering from “illnesses of denial, deception and distrust,” and former President Donald Trump will make things worse.

“The return of Donald Trump will nourish the illness and probably make it incurable,” wrote Utah senator and former Republican presidential candidate Romney. July 4th essay in the Atlantic Ocean..

This essay aims at “wishful thinking” across the political spectrum and “light dismissal of potentially catastrophic threats” of the country.

“More and more, we are in a negative country,” he said. I have written, Citing Trump’s false claim that he won the 2020 election as a “typical example.” “Perhaps this is the same delusional branch that leads people to pay for slot machines. I really want to win, so I believe I’ll win,” he added.

Romney writes that leadership is the only cure for wishful thinking.

“I’m a really nice person.”

He called President Joe Biden “a really good person,” but Biden wrote, “We still couldn’t break through our national denial, deception, and disbelief.”

Congress said, “I’m particularly disappointed. Our elected officials put their fingers in the wind more often than they showed the backbone against it,” he wrote.

“I want a president who can stand up beyond the hustle and bustle to unite us behind the truth,” he wrote. “Several candidates with experience and wisdom are on the wings. We also see if they also have the personality and ability to unite the country needed to confront our common reality. I’m watching carefully. “

During the 2016 electionFormer Massachusetts Governor Romney, who was elected to the US Senator in Utah in 2018, has vehemently criticized Trump at the time, calling him “false” and “fraud.”

And in February 2020, Romney won the distinction of becoming the first senator. Vote for deletion Mr. Trump’s “terrible abuse of public trust” has led him to take office as president of his own party. He voted to convict Trump for the abuse of power, alleging that he had withheld nearly $ 400 million in military aid from Ukraine and pressured Ukrainian authorities to investigate the Bidens.

A year later, Romney was in it Seven Republican Senators who voted guilty Trump was acquitted by the Senate, but Trump in an impeachment trial related to the January 6, 2021 riots.

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