MMA Fighter Protects Boba Shop Owners From Upset Customers Who Want Sushi In Viral Video

The viral video is now on Kaiwoo, a 26-year-old mixed martial arts fighter who confronts customers for verbal attacks on Asian business owners in Tracy, California.

What’s wrong: In video A vague customer, posted by journalist John Hyunko on November 2, can be heard talking to the owner of the Boba shop, despising that he doesn’t sell sushi.

  • In the video, a customer who looks drunk says the owner doesn’t speak English. However, after hearing the conversation, Wu stands up and confronts the customer. Wu claims that the owner speaks perfect English and explains that the Boba shop does not sell sushi before asking customers to leave.

  • according to Twitter statement This incident, posted by Wu, happened on Halloween night when I went out drinking tapioca tea with a friend.

  • “The dark blue guy starts to be loud and rude, saying he doesn’t understand what the manager is saying and he wants someone who can speak English even though he can speak English well,” Wu said. I am writing.

  • “The restaurant was full of families enjoying dinner, so I asked him to go out and talk,” Wu added. “It was treated verbally, a navy blue man left the premises immediately, and then some police officers came in. Let’s continue to support and cooperate during this time.”

reaction: Twitter users went to the comments section to praise Wu and express his thoughts on the incident.

  • Many users praised Wu for handling the case peacefully. 1 user I have written, “Blow didn’t know how to handle that quiet and measured self-confidence. He dealt with it perfectly.”

  • MMA matchmaker Rich butterfly “Kai is a good man. He may have hurt him badly. He is treated like a true martial artist ??.”

  • However, some believers argued that Wu should not have physically attacked the customer and blurred his face in the video.

  • Wu said on Twitter: Blurring the navy blue guy is because this doesn’t cancel his type. “

  • “Many people do.” Oh, I would have done this. I would have knocked him out.Post his face [online]Wu said MMA mania.. “I think we’ve lost a lot of empathy as a society. Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should.”

  • “If I had jumped over the gun, the whole situation could have been worse,” he added. “It can break windows and hurt people. I think people need more empathy.”

Featured image via @JHKMMA

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