Modeling suggests that Omicron may have peaked in Canada, Tam says.

Canada’s Omicron waves have probably peaked, says Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Director of Public Health.

Speak in Virtual press conference On January 21st, Tam made the latest remarks. Modeling updates It has been suggested that after January 14, nationwide Omicron infections peaked in January and are likely to recede in February.

“There are early signs that infection may have peaked at the national level within a week of the modeling update, including daily case counts, positive test, Rt or effective reproduction numbers, and wastewater surveillance. Includes trends, “she said.

Her comments reflect statements from several states the day before, with Prime Minister Jason Kenny saying the case has begun to stagnate in Alberta, and Prime Minister Doug Ford in Ontario in the fifth wave. We are confident that we have reached the peak, so we have announced that public space restrictions will begin. It can be lifted in 10 days.

At the national level, the average number of cases per day has decreased by 28% compared to the previous week, according to Tam. But she warned that this number could be an “underestimate” because her current laboratory tests couldn’t keep up with the spread of Omicron.

The average number of cases for seven days each day is about 27,000, with a positive test rate of over 22%, and the Chief of Public Health added that COVID-19 is “still prevalent” in Canada.

She suggests that modeling may have passed the peak of Omicron in Canada, but daily and intensive care unit admissions are still’soaring’, and many hospitals across the country are’ He said he was under intense tension.

Asked about projection According to the Institute for Health Metrics, University of Washington, the emergency phase of the pandemic is “decreasing” and COVID-19 is probably like seasonal flu. By aprilTam said it was one possible scenario.

“There are many professionals around the world trying to solve this question,” she said. “I do not think… [this is] It’s a scenario inevitably, but it’s a possible scenario, so I think we need to prepare for a variety of potential futures. “

When asked about her thoughts on vaccination obligations and passport removal, Tam said that the goal of public health was to strike a balance between reducing serious illness and mortality and reducing social turmoil. I said there is.

“There is no doubt that no one wants these restrictive measures anymore. Omicron may or may not have taken us one step towards that new reality,” she said. Told.

“We need to plan different scenarios and prepare for the emergence of new variants, but we need to go ahead and see how we can approach pre-pandemic social functions. . “

Canadian Press contributed to this report.

Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.