Moderna recalls COVID-19 vaccine batch in Japan after contamination found


Moderna said a Japanese distributor would recall the dose of COVID-19 vaccine in Japan after the investigation revealed that stainless steel contaminants were found in some vials.

Last week, Japanese health regulators stopped using three Moderna COVID-19 vaccine batches containing approximately 1.63 million doses after the pollution problem was discovered. On Wednesday, the ministry reportedly said that stainless steel particles do not pose additional health risks.

According to a joint statement by Moderna and Takeda, which sell vaccines in Japan, the pollution dates back to production by Spanish contractor ROVI Pharma Industrial Services. The findings were discovered by a survey conducted by both companies, not the Ministry of Health.

“Stainless steel is routinely used for heart valves, joint replacement, metal sutures and staples, so injecting the particles identified in these lots in Japan also increases medical risk. Is not expected, “says Takeda. Modana said In a statement on Wednesday.

The findings add their statement that Takeda will begin recalling three batches from September 2.

Authorities are also investigating the deaths of two Japanese men who received doses from contaminated vaccine batches, officials said. The cause of their death is still unknown and is being investigated by Japanese health regulators.

Takeda emphasized that, like Pfizer’s Shot, there is no evidence that vaccines produced by Moderna using mRNA technology caused their death.

“The relationship is now considered a coincidence,” the two companies said in a joint statement Wednesday. “To confirm this, it is important to complete a formal investigation. The investigation is conducted with the utmost importance on urgency, transparency and integrity and is a top priority.”

This week, in Japan, the use of other Moderna doses from separate batches was temporarily suspended. Other foreign substances may be found in the vial, or a small piece of rubber stopper on the vial may have broken due to a mistake in inserting the needle.

Minister Taro Kono, who is in charge of the vaccination campaign, told reporters on Friday. Moderna said it could not confirm how many doses were delivered from the batch.

COVID-19 is a disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

Moderna is not responding to requests for comment.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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Jack phillips

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