Moderna recommends a third dose of vaccine to protect against new coronavirus strains


NSOderna said Thursday that a COVID-19 vaccine booster dose is likely to be needed to protect against future mutations in the coronavirus, promoting the “strong” antibody response produced by the additional shots. did.

Moderna vaccine developers said, “COVID-19, influenza, and [respiratory syncytial virus] For adults. … I believe this is just the beginning, “said CEO Stephane Bancel. Said..

Record-high COVID-19 hospitalized AMID delta surge in some southern states

The company determined the benefits of administering a third “booster” shot of a double-dose vaccine to protect against highly contagious delta mutants, which make up the majority of COVID-19 cases, and future strains. We conducted research to do so. The virus that occurs.

A phase II trial of Modena’s 50 microgram booster dose produced a strong immune response against delta, gamma, and beta variants. All of these spread more easily and quickly than other variants and can increase the incidence of COVID-19. The third dose produced an antibody response that was approximately as strong as the response generated in previously unvaccinated people who received the first two doses of the vaccine.

The company also reported that the double-dose vaccine produced immunity that lasted for months after receiving the second shot. Two weeks after receiving the second shot, the efficacy rate was about 94%, but the vaccine was 93% effective six months later.

On the other hand, Pfizer report Last week, the overall efficacy of the double-dose vaccine dropped from 96% to 84% 6 months after the second vaccination.

Moderna released news about booster effectiveness in its quarterly earnings report. This shows that the company sold $ 4.2 billion worth of vaccines from April to June.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that booster shots are not needed to protect against COVID-19 mutants. CDC vaccine guidance For medical professionals, the patient is fully protected two weeks after the second dose, “additional doses are not recommended at this time.”

CDC director Rochelle Walensky said on Monday, “If people take the initiative to get a third shot, authorities are urging people to report on safety, but this is still recommended. Not done, but we have the ability and are considering them. ” Current data. “

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