Moldova marks 30 years of independence from Soviet rule


Chişinău, Moldova — The pro-Western President of Moldova has joined the capital city of Chişinău to celebrate its 30-year independence from Soviet rule with Romanian, Polish and Ukrainian counterparts.

Moldova, Europe’s poorest country between Romania and Ukraine, declared independence from the Soviet Union on August 27, 1991.

The commemorative event was held at the Grand National Assembly Square, where President Maia Sandu joined Klaus Johannis of Romania, Andrzej Duda of Poland, and Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine.

Sandu said on Friday that independence taught Moldova “how heavy the burden of freedom is.”

Moldova National Foundation Day
Thirty years after declaring independence from the Soviet Union in Chişinău, Moldova on August 27, 2021, troops marched during a military parade to celebrate Moldova’s National Foundation Day. (Aurel Obreja / AP Photo)

Over the years, 3.5 million nations have been plagued by poverty, high levels of corruption, and widespread disillusionment, and as hundreds of thousands move abroad in search of a better future, the scale of Moldovan citizens is large. Prompted the outflow.

This anniversary comes after the Reformed Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) of Moldova, founded by Sandu, won 53% of the votes in the July 11 parliamentary elections. They defeated the Russian-friendly Communist and Socialist constituencies, led by two former presidents who accounted for 27% of the vote.

This has helped PAS build close ties with the European Union and campaign with tickets to combat the apparent majority of inherent corruption in the country’s 101-seat parliament.

“We have learned that we must bring order to our country,” said Harvard-educated Sandu on Friday. “Today we know that our destiny, happiness, and future are in our hands … Our agreement today is that we will prosper and build a free Moldova. . “

Moldova National Foundation Day
A woman is holding her baby 30 years after her declaration of independence from the Soviet Union in Chişinău, Moldova, on August 27, 2021, before a military parade to celebrate Moldova’s National Foundation Day. .. (Aurel Obreja / AP Photo)

In 2014, Moldova signed an agreement with the EU to build closer political and economic ties, but corruption and lack of reform have hampered development.

Economist Prime Minister Natalia Gabririta, whose government was approved by Parliament on August 6, said Moldovans “a country of justice … [and] Respect honest work. “

“The next 30 years may be better,” Gavrilita said in a video posted Friday. “Learn the lessons and don’t make mistakes again.”

Romania’s Iohanis said at a press conference in Chişinău that he would support Moldova’s “process of reform and European integration.”

In June, the European Commission announced that Moldova would receive an “unprecedented” € 600 million ($ 705 million) economic recovery package from the EU, subject to judicial and anti-corruption reforms. Said.

By Stephen McGarth and Aurel Obreja

Associated Press