Mom asks court to block $ 75,000 for her estranged husband’s brother who killed his two sons

The mother of two boys, who were killed by their estranged husband, is asking a Florida judge to prevent him from giving $ 75,000 of his property to his sister and brother.

Gainesville’s Mindo Reinhardt, 42, was left with the property of his dead husband, Paul Reinhardt, in a newly disclosed letter from her law firm to the coroner’s office. He signaled that he was expecting a legal battle over things. , 46.

The details that emerged from the battle in that court have already changed what is known about the day-to-day events that lead to crime: Reinhardt. Updated his will According to court records, April 19th, just 15 days before he killed his son and himself. And in a new accusation, Mindo Reinhardt’s lawyer wrote in court records that one of her brother-in-law was plotting violence by her husband based on Reinhardt’s actions in the days before he died. He said he knew or should have known.

Paul line heart

Paul line heart

Reinhardt, a former medical device sales executive, said investigators were very angry with his loss of work and the suspension of divorce. Shot deadly The son of a couple on May 4 before setting fire to a family villa near Suwanee in western Florida and firing a deadly shot. A final report covering criminal investigations by the two sheriffs’ offices and the Florida Law Enforcement Department in the case will be released next week.

According to court records, Reinhardt renewed his willingness to prevent Mrs. Reinhardt from receiving assets after 19 years of marriage.

Reinhardt generally conferred his wealth on “my descendants who survived me” and otherwise on “my brothers and sisters.” At will, he identified Rex (14 years old) and Brody (11 years old) as his children.

Mrs. Reinhardt declined to talk about the incident. Jeff Aaron, one of her lawyers, also refused to discuss the issue.

Newly disclosed letter I’m from Mayanne Downs, Corporate Lawyer, President and Managing Director of Gray Robinson LLP in Orlando. She “in anticipation of a potential proceeding” over Reinhardt’s property, and the law firm asked the coroner to preserve blood and tissue samples and other evidence taken from the bodies of Reinhardt and his son. He said he was asking the office.

The coroner’s office disclosed the correspondence on Thursday in response to a request for public records. The law firm also requested a copy of the autopsy report for Reinhardt and his son. release Earlier this week, and the names of others who requested a copy of the autopsy.

“MS. Reinhardt doesn’t want to see autopsy reports,” Downs wrote.

The day after the letter from Downs, Mrs. Reinhardt’s lawyer Formal objection In response to a pending request by Conrad Reinhardt, one of Reinhardt’s brothers, to split the property between Reinhardt’s five brothers and Mrs. Reinhardt in the Circuit Court of Alachua County. Konrad Reinhart’s lawyer estimates the value of real estate as $ 75,000 in personal property. He did not list bank accounts, investments or other assets.

Her lawyer asked the judge to move the case to appoint a person independent of the prosecution to oversee the distribution of Reinhardt’s assets. They expected the case to be “multiple claims filed and proceedings,” and said it represented a long-standing controversy in court.

Conrad Reinhardt’s request Mrs. Reinhardt also listed herself, her sister, and her three brothers as beneficiaries before including them in the court documents.His lawyer was on the list Eric von Reinhardt, 50, who Plead guilty Only a week after the divorce, he tried to kill himself with a large kitchen knife for a crime unrelated to the fatal stab of his own ex-wife’s new boyfriend.

Eric Reinhardt has been sentenced to 40 years in murder in a Florida prison and may be released as early as July 2053.judge Rejected His latest complaint in his criminal case within two weeks.

Conrad Reinhardt, who called his home, refused to discuss the issue and hung up the reporter twice. “Calling this number again is a big problem,” he said. “Don’t call me.”

Conrad Reinhardt was officially appointed as a real estate representative through his lawyer, saying “no one has equal or better tastes” to be responsible for the distribution of the remaining wealth of his brother. I asked for it.

Mrs. Reinhardt’s lawyer did not cite any concrete evidence other than her “information and beliefs” and tried that Conrad Reinhardt began receiving unspecified assets from her brother shortly before the killing or as a result of Reinhardt’s suicide. I told the official.

“He knew or should have known the state of mind of the decedent, including that the decedent could hurt himself and others,” her lawyer wrote. increase.

They said Conrad Reinhardt should be forced to return the assets he had already received and urged the judge to prevent him from being appointed to represent the property.

Richard Reinhardt’s lawyer, Richard Wizards, refused to discuss the case.

The prosecution case was reassigned to the circuit court last week Gloria R. Walker..

According to real estate records, Mrs. Reinhardt was in the process of selling the house in Gainesville, where her divorced husband lived with her sons at the time of their death. The $ 1.8 million home sale, whose real estate records cite her as the only legal owner, was listed as pending.

It was not clear if the profits from the sale would be contested in a court battle with Reinhardt’s brother. According to county records, the 2008 real estate certificate and the $ 900,000 30-year mortgage previously listed both Paul and Minde Reinhardt, but Reinhardt’s name is Removed as owner after his death.


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