Mom stunned after kid’s party invitation required a gift of at least $100

The mother was stunned after her daughter, who attends a private school, was invited to a kindergarten classmate’s party and asked to bring a gift of at least $100.

It’s unclear where the alleged incident happened, but the mother shared her story anonymously Chinese social media platform November 20th.

According to an anonymous post, my daughter received a birthday party invitation from one of her classmates on November 18th. After reading her invitation, her mother said that it contained some rules, such as each guest being required to bring a gift worth at least her 3,000 New Taiwan dollars (about $97). I noticed

It looked a little steep to us, so we were very shocked when we saw it,” said her mother. I have written“I considered not having my daughter attend, but she was begging to attend because the invitation was exclusive and not everyone in the class received the invitation.”

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In the post, the mother said she and her husband worked hard to get their daughter into a good private school. However, her mother admitted that she did not anticipate the problems she would face after entering school.

The mother said she finally agreed to let her daughter go to the party. expensive gift requirement. She also shared her fear of her daughter becoming a spoiled child.

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