Moment of silence and plea for Ukraine in Oscar

For 30 seconds Oscar Silenced for Ukraine.

A compliment that began with words from Ukrainian-born Mila Kunis so that the Academy Awards turned black in the middle of a Sunday show from Los Angeles and did everything possible to help those who were devastated by the war. I pleaded with the viewer and ended. Nation.

“Recent global events have disappointed many of us,” said Reba McEntire on the Oscar-nominated song “Somehow You Do” from “Four Good Days” when she went on stage. I mentioned some of the remarks that introduce the performance of.

“But when we witness the strength and dignity of those facing such devastation, it is impossible not to be impressed by their resilience,” Knis continued. “I have to be in awe of those who find the power to keep fighting in unimaginable darkness.”

At that time, McIntyre went on stage in a black gown for her performance.

To celebrate art Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is furious It was delicate for Oscar. Sean Penn has publicly campaigned for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (former actor) to speak at the ceremony. Some arrived for an Oscar wearing a blue and gold ribbon. This is a clear sign of support because it is the color of the Ukrainian flag.

At the end of McIntyre’s song, a large video screen floating above the stage displayed compliments and petitions as the 30-second silent prayer began.

“We would like to remain silent to show support for the Ukrainian people who are currently facing aggression, conflict and prejudice within the border,” he read the screen. “Movies are an important way to express humanity in times of conflict, but in reality millions of Ukrainian families need food, medical care, clean water and emergency services. Lack of resources We are now able to do more collectively as a global community. “

After that, the following message was displayed and the process ended. #StandWithUkraine. “


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