Moms are having a fashion moment … in their underwear

Mom steals the spotlight of style, insists on the cover of magazines, brings lingerie brands to the fore, and focuses on sexy lingerie ads.

Kim Kardashian’s new SKIMS promotion The brand’s “Fits Everybody” collection features Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio. These are not only iconic supermodels, but also mothers who share a total of nine children.

“I feel the sexiest and most powerful in professional work and business like SKIMS, and in personal relationships, most importantly in being a mother,” said Kardashian. people About the collaboration earlier this month.

And Victoria’s Secret just announced their second Mother’s day campaign Dedicated to “a hard-working, unstoppable mom who does everything”.A series of videos and photos that are part of the company’s contemporary rebranding feature actresses Brooke Shields Hari Nef and model Chanel Iman (especially) pose and talk to the children. “As a brand, Victoria’s Secret welcomes, celebrates and promises to be there for all women throughout their lives,” a Victoria’s Secret spokeswoman told TODAY Parents, the company was new in June last year. He added that he released a breastfeeding bra.

in the meantime, Rihanna in late pregnancyShook her belly on the cover of MaytrendWearing a red jumpsuit, respond with a bold attitude. “There is no way to go shopping without a maternity aisle,” she told her publication. In other shots, the singer wore a Marc Jacobs coat and posed topless, and wore her Rick Owens jacket, leaving her open to show her bra. ..

“I hope we were able to redefine what is considered’decent’for pregnant women,” Rihanna said. “My body is doing great things now, and I’m not ashamed of it. This time you should feel congratulations. Why do you need to hide your pregnancy?”

Exactly — especially after The mother absorbed significant financial and occupational losses during the pandemicBecause, while endangering their well-being, work opportunities have diminished and domestic responsibilities have increased.March 2021 study conducted by American Psychological Association Mothers were more likely to report poorer mental health than their fathers before the pandemic, but were less likely to have been treated.When 77% or more Of a fully vaccinated U.S. population Obligation of loosened national maskWhen Peak level of pandemic fatigueMothers have won their moments.

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“Currently, people are generally burned out in a pandemic story, but they are still motivated to connect with others and look for something in common. Motherhood is one example.” Elaine Paravati HarriganVisiting Associate Professor of Psychology at Hamilton College, Today’s parents.. “Motherhood is a great equalizer and symbolizes a shared experience for many, and the celebration can bring her meaning back to her mother who lacks empowering feedback.”

A fascinating image of motherhood may reflect how the mother feels about self-care. This is a practice that mental health professionals are loudly recommending to their parents. And, as Harrigan speculates, Mama may be pleased to increase her self-confidence with more expression in fashion.

Harrigan says fashion rejuvenation ideas have a radical symbolism. “It’s like my mom is saying,’Bum, I’m back!'”