Mongrel dog euthanized a fatally injured girl in Fort Worth, says the city

That dog Beat a 4-year-old girl City officials confirmed that they were humanely euthanized at the city’s animal shelter on Saturday morning until they died in the backyard of southern Fort Worth.

The dog was a hybrid, spokesman Diane Coby said on the phone. The euthanasia took place at a shelter on 4900 Martin Street, Corby said, but couldn’t explain who decided to drop the dog. When asked if it was a standard protocol in this situation, she replied, “There is no standard protocol.”

Elayah Brown was attacked by what police described as a family dog ‚Äč‚Äčaround 5 pm on Friday. According to the Tarrant County Medical Inspector’s Office, she was rushed to the Cook Children’s Medical Center and died of an injury at 6:05.

Her cause of death was pending as of Saturday.

Police did not immediately respond to questions and requests for updates on Saturday.

Police chief Neil Noakes called the attack a “tragic incident” in a Friday statement, saying “our thoughts and prayers are directed at families and all first responders who respond to this call.” Added. Mr Corby said on the phone that it was a “terrible tragedy.”

Saturday’s social media was full of people who sympathized with their families in the comments and at least some Facebook groups focused on dog attacks. Shared post About the case. There was speculation about the breed of dog.

Covey admitted that some people say: It looks like that, “he said, but he said,” Really, it’s just a mongrel dog. ” She couldn’t name the predominant item.

Animal care and management in Fort Worth protected the dog on Friday afternoon after the incident.

Covey couldn’t say when the dog was euthanized on Saturday morning or how the dog was euthanized.

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