Monsoon floods kill 42 people and stranded millions in Bangladesh, India


Dhaka / Assam, India — At least 25 people died in lightning strikes or landslides over the weekend, and millions were beaten or homeless in the northeastern lowlands of Bangladesh’s worst monsoon flood in recent history. rice field.

In neighboring Assam, India, police officials said on June 19 that at least 17 people had died during the flood waves that began this month.

Many of Bangladesh’s rivers have risen to dangerous levels, and heavy rainfall spills from the Indian mountains have exacerbated the situation, said Arifzaman Buyan, head of the state flood forecasting and warning center.

Thousands of police and military personnel have been stationed in parts of the country to support search and rescue operations.

Approximately 105,000 people have been evacuated so far, but police estimates that more than 4 million are still stuck.

Syed Rafiqul Haque, a former member of the Sunamgangji district and a ruling politician, said the country would face a humanitarian crisis if proper relief efforts were not taken.

“Almost the entire Silet-Snamgangi belt is underwater, with millions of people stuck,” he said, adding that the victims had no food or drinking water and their communications networks were down. I did.

Local officials said about 3.1 million people had been evacuated, of which 200,000 were staying in raised embankments and other high-altitude government-run temporary housing.

Bangladesh floods
On June 19, 2022, when a large flood struck Sylhet, Bangladesh, people moved boats in the flooded areas. (Stringer / Reuters)

On June 17, lightning struck parts of Bangladesh, killing at least 21 people, including three children between the ages of 12 and 14.

Extreme weather events have increased in recent years in Bangladesh and India, causing extensive damage.

Last month, flash floods before the monsoon, caused by a surge in water from the upper reaches of the northeastern provinces of India, struck northern and northeastern Bangladesh, destroying crops and damaging homes and roads. The country was just beginning to recover when new rains fell again on the same area this week.

Ruma Paul & Zarir Hussain