Montana blocks legislation banning surgery to confirm the sex of young people

Helena, Mon. (AP) — Senate Montana resolved on Tuesday to postpone a bill banning surgery to confirm the gender of transgender minors indefinitely and effectively invalidate the proposal.

The bill is from medical professionals, transgender people, and human rights advocates who testified earlier this year that minors rarely have surgery to confirm their gender, but that medical decisions should be left to the family. Faced with great opposition.

Democratic Senator Bryce Bennett, the first openly homosexual elected to the Montana State Capitol, said:

Bennett urged the bill to be postponed indefinitely. The motion was passed with 27-22 votes, with eight Republicans joining and supporting all Democrats.

Republican Rep. John Fuller, who sponsored the bill, said senators who voted to postpone the bill “voted to allow sexual removal of children.”

“Obviously, it wasn’t important enough for this group of senators to consider the bigger issues to protect them from life-changing decisions before they became adults,” he said on Tuesday. Said at night.

Senator Duane Ankney was one of eight Republicans who opposed the ban. He disagreed and cited studies showing that gender-verifying surgery is rare and only occurs after the withdrawal process.

“I want to free the government from people’s lives as much as possible,” Ankney said. “I have never seen any sign that this is a problem even remotely in Montana.”

Similar bans have been proposed in several states this year. One passed the law Arkansas, But it hasn’t come into effect yet.


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