Montreal Borough to Host Drag Queens at Storytime for Kids in Fall

The Borough of Montreal reverses its decision to cancel a storytelling event for children hosted by a famous drag queen.

Alain D’Souza, Mayor of Saint Laurent, said: statement On August 2nd, the authorities met with Sébastien Potván, who plays Barbada de Barbados, and approved two story-telling events on November 5th in two libraries, the Bibliothèque du Boise and the Bibliothèque de Vieux Saint Laurent. did.

The borough previously canceled Potvin’s storytelling for children in July.

Potvin’s event in November is part of an autumn program that includes a series of cultural and library activities, officials said.

Some US states have introduced laws to prevent children from being exposed to drag queen events and performances.

In June, Republicans in the Arizona Senate announced plans to create a bill banning children from participating in drag shows.

A June 14 joint statement from the Arizona Senate Majority Team said, “When kids are exposed to these drag shows, it crosses a line.

Arizona Senator Vince Leach (R-Tucson), who led the legislation, said the primary goal of the proposed law was to protect children from inappropriate behavior.

“An impressive young man enters the room [and] It’s being exposed to the nasty, the nasty, the wrong,” he said.

In early June, Texas Rep. Brian Slaton also pledged to introduce a bill banning drag shows in front of minors statewide. drag show event A children’s event billed as “family-friendly” was held in the state, raising widespread concerns about its suitability.

The incident prompted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to consider using child safety laws to protect children from drag shows.

“Before, kids were off limits…everybody agreed with that,” DeSantis said at a June 8 press conference. Appropriate for age. “

In New York City, city councilors opposed drag queen story hours after reports showed the city was paying more than $200,000 to put drag performers in New York City public schools since 2018. did.

“I’m considering funding a school in my school district that has a Drag Queen Story Hour,” said Queens’ representative on the New York City Council, Vicky Palladino. new york post.

“We are pulling hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the pockets of hardworking New York taxpayers … to fund programs that teach young children about gender fluidity? . clock.”

Potvin has been hosting Storytime events since 2016, appearing as Barbada on OUTtv’s reality show “Call Me Mother” and hosting the children’s show “Barbada” on Radio-Canada’s streaming service ICI I’m here.

Allan Stein, Bill Pan, Jannis Falkenstern, and The Canadian Press contributed to this article.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a reporter for the Epoch Times based in Toronto.