Montreal Police Attack Rebel News Site Claiming Violation of COVID Restrictions

Montreal police attacked a temporary Rebel News site on April 10 on suspicion of violating COVID-19 restrictions.

Video footage of the scene shows police handcuffing one journalist in the media, blocking access to other staff’s sites.

Police allege violations, including non-compliance with social distance and mask requirements CTV news.. Rebel News founder Ezra Levant states that the site is “Hotel, Airbnb” rather than “Social Site”.

According to Levant, police officers appeared on an Airbnb houseboat rented in Oldport on April 10. The crew used this location as accommodation and as a temporary headquarters to facilitate reporting in Montreal.

Several video posts on Twitter show that police officers have set boundaries to prevent Levant and his staff from entering the boat.

Levant said police did not have an investigation warrant and when they opposed allowing the site to be investigated, they taped the area and declared it a “crime scene.”

When asked why the entry was banned, a police officer told Levant in a video he uploaded, “because of the intervention and some investigators are currently involved in the case.”

1 video Rebel reporter David Menzies shows being handcuffed behind a police car after pushing back the police officer who pushed him back. Another reporter, Keen Bexte, Was also detained by the police. Both were released later.

Rebel news has been report About Montreal Police Enforcement Measures Against Blockade Opponents, and Criticize Quebec COVID-19 limit. According to online media, their reporters were previously detailed while reporting the news by Montreal police.

Levant said they would bring the action Montreal police.

The Epoch Times asked the Montreal police for comment, but did not respond.