Moose leaves “hooves” on the runner’s head in an attack on the Colorado Trail, officials said.


NS Moose charged the runner Colorado officials said he left a hoof-shaped notch behind his head.

A New Mexico man was running on the trail on Wednesday when two dogs encountered an elk. The runner was on a trail in Winter Park, Colorado. It’s about an hour and a half from Denver.

While the dog was running, he had untied about 50 feet in front of the man. They suddenly bolted back to the man, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials.

“He stopped and saw the moose at 50 feet,” district wildlife manager Serena Rocksund said in a news release. “At that point, the dog passed him and left the scene.”

The man took two steps towards the moose to see it better, and it rushed it towards the man, officials said. An elk attacked the runner and was slightly injured. He was taken to the hospital and released the same day, wildlife officials said.

“He’s very lucky that his only injury is a hooves-shaped laceration behind his head,” Rocksund said.

No harm was done to the dog during the attack.

Moose attack in Colorado According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, it is on the rise.they are Protected animals And protect their territory and youth.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has been aware of at least 15 elk clashes that have injured people since 2013. Dogs were involved in almost all of these conflicts, according to wildlife authorities.

“When people, dogs, and defensive moose interact, there is a significant risk of serious injury to humans and pets,” wildlife officials said. “In addition, CPW officers act to protect civilians in wildlife conflicts, which can lead to the death of elk.”

An elk is trampling a 79-year-old woman taking her dog out of the yard, according to Colorado officials.

Just last week, a 79-year-old woman repeated Trampled by elk While taking the dog out in Colorado. She was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital by helicopter.

“This incident wasn’t her own fault,” Area Wildlife Manager Matt Yamashita said in a news release. “Even if you follow best practices for living in moose habitats, you can still have a moose collision.”

Moose is a huge animal, Weight is 800-1,200 pounds. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, they can stand up to 6 feet high.they “Very curious” And I want to check everything.

Wildlife sources say that when elk begins to become aggressive, they can relax their ears, raise their neck hair, and begin to lick their noses. Hikers should keep their pets away and avoid animals with unusual behavior.

“If the moose behaves aggressively or starts charging, try running as fast as you can and placing large objects such as rocks, cars, and trees between you,” wildlife officials said. I did. “Meousse encounters are very common, but moose causes few problems.”

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