More men charged with animal murder in white supremacist camp

Rome, Georgia (AP) — Five more men charged with killing livestock while authorities said they were “ritual victims” during a training camp for a white supremacist group in Georgia. I did.

According to the indictment, Patrick Matthews, William Garfield Billbrow IV, Brian Mark Remley Jr., Brandon Gregory Ashley and Duncan Christopher Trimmel were charged last week for worsening animal cruelty and all but Trimmel. Was charged with theft of livestock by a grand jury in Floyd County.the first report Rome News-By Tribune. It was not immediately clear if any of them had a lawyer who could comment on the indictment on Friday.

Matthew, Lemley, and Billbrow were also arrested in Maryland and Delaware for federal felony in January 2020.

Floyd County prosecutors have identified the animals they say were bowed during a group meeting in October 2019 as rams. Federal prosecutors say it’s a goat. They said the man stole the animal and tried to kill it with a knife but failed, then shot it to death and cut off his head.

The killings took place at a training camp in northern Georgia, where prosecutors said they were organized by a white supremacist group, Base, who supported the use of violence to accelerate the overthrow of the US government.

The other three men, all from northern Georgia, have been linked to the base by authorities and have already been charged with animal deaths and other alleged crimes. Luke Austin Lane, Michael Helterbrand, and Jacob Kaderli have not been detained in Floyd County prison for over a year, according to News-Tribune reports.

The arrest of a Georgian man was announced in January 2020, the day after Matthew, Remley, and Billbrow were arrested.

In December, a federal judge sentenced Billbrow, Denton, Maryland, to five years after pleading guilty to two charges related to Matthew’s assistance. Remley, a U.S. military veteran from Elkton, Maryland, and Matthews, a former Canadian reservist, have been acquitted on charges of transporting guns and ammunition with the intention of committing a felony.

Ashley of Hayden, Alabama and Trimel of Austin, Texas were not charged in federal court with the other three.

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