More military deployments in the flood of state of emergency

Vancouver — British Columbia is expected to provide more information about the declared emergency as rescue and relief efforts intensify in the areas most affected by floods and landslides.

Public Security Minister Mike Fernworth said the measures could include orders to block the passage of all but important travelers, as access restrictions are slowly regaining on some highways. I point out that there is.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who spoke from Washington, DC last night, said 120 Canadian troops had been dispatched to support relief efforts in the flooded Abbotsford. A military reconnaissance group was also dispatched to Sally’s state emergency operations center. And more than 200 troops are waiting in Edmonton, waiting for orders to deploy to BC.

Approximately 1000 people trapped in Hope were able to leave when highway 7 was allowed to cross a single lane last night, but an estimated 17,000 people were due to evacuation orders covering approximately 6,900 properties. I’m out of the house.

On the other side, RCMP said the search continued on a landslide along Highway 99 south of Liluette, where the woman’s body recovered this week and police received reports of four missing persons. increase.

Livestock have been severely damaged by the disaster, and Agriculture Minister Lana Pofam states that helicopter delivery of food and water is being arranged for livestock on farms blocked by floods.

Meanwhile, Trudeau said he would visit British Columbia “at the right time.”

“Obviously, our priority now needs to be to get all the immediate help and rescue people need,” he follows in a trilateral summit between the Presidents of the United States and Mexico. I said at a press conference.

The Prime Minister said he had had numerous discussions with the Prime Minister, Prime Minister John Horgan, and the mayor of the flooded area to coordinate the response to the catastrophe.

“We will stay on top of it and do everything we need to help the BC people who are currently experiencing very difficult times at every stage of the road,” he said.

Tentatively, the state has announced that financial assistance will be available to those affected by floods and landslides.

It states that the application for assistance must be submitted to the Emergency Management BC by February 12th next year.

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