More RAT stock coming in February when Omicron cases have already peaked

Pharmacists report that a faster antigen test (RAT) will take place next week, but no “actual surge” in supply is expected until February after the estimated hospitalization for COVID-19. Already reached the highest level..

Australia’s largest pharmacy distributor, Sigma Healthcare Sigma, is shipping to stores on January 17th at the Epoch Times a rapid test that can detect COVID-19 within 20 minutes due to a surge in demand for RAT. Said.

“Sigma is gradually accessing the supply of RAT for distribution to pharmacy customers and expects the supply to accelerate in the coming weeks to meet the general demand for testing,” the company spokesman said. The person in charge said.

“Sigma expects supply to increase next week, but RAT supply will actually surge in early February.”

The news of arrival is that retailers are $ 20-30 per test, even though the supply shortage of RAT continues to weigh on Australia’s testing regime and wholesale costs range from $ 3.95 to $ 11.45 per test. In some cases, you will be charged over $ 70 per test.

Rod Sims, Chairman of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), said: Said on monday Consumer Watchdog has received more than 1,800 reports of price cuts, a practice considered illegal by the Therapeutic Goods Department.

“There are also reports that people appear to have purchased the item … and then sold with more than 20% markup. This is illegal in recent government announcements and is of such nature. Everything is Australian Federal Police “and Sims I told the Guardian.

“If we find a large store or chain that engages in this kind of behavior, we don’t hesitate to take action and the penalties are very high.”

Meanwhile, state, federal, and large corporations are procuring large numbers of kits, and online retailers and pharmacies are reported to be out of stock.

Trent Tomei, national president of the pharmacy guild, told Sky News on Tuesday that 200 million rapid antigen tests are currently underway, but people “should expect equal access to everyone.” is not it”.

He also finds it more appealing to suppliers to prioritize high-volume orders from millions of valuable governments, with some retailers paying the full amount and keeping inventories despite confirming delivery dates. He said he was having a hard time doing it. Guardian reported.

“What’s happening is that it’s much easier for a supplier to serve a single customer who wants 100,000 tests than 1,000, so what we’re looking at is the manufacturer. [and suppliers] Prioritize large clients over small clients, “Twomey added.

His comment came after the New South Wales Government announcement 100 million RAT. It is used in medical, educational, vulnerable communities, and social housing, and authorities have already distributed home tests to remote communities.

The Commonwealth also said last week that it ordered an inspection worth $ 62 million for “a very urgent or unexpected event.”

Health Minister Greg Hunton rejected the allegation that the federal government was demanding the supply of RAT on Monday, calling it an “obvious lie.”

“I wrote to the supplier that it was not the position of the Australian government,” Hunt said of the allegations.

Nina Nguyen


Nina Nguyen is a Sydney-based Vietnamese reporter with a focus on Australian news. Contact her at [email protected]