More than 400 Australian teachers stuck because they did not get the third COVID vaccine

The Victoria State Government has suspended approximately 420 public school teachers because it does not comply with the state’s COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

The majority of teachers took an unpaid vacation because they couldn’t get a booster shot by March 25th.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews continues to maintain vaccination obligations for school teachers, believing that they will help save lives.

“I’m not apologizing. The vaccine works, and the vaccine saves lives. I’m confident that people who take one or two doses can get three doses right away. Thank you,” he said. Said.

“I’m sick and tired of this constant negativeness when it comes to schools. Our school opened on the first day of the first semester. Today’s staff, support staff, and student absenteeism , Lower than before the pandemic. “

under Current Victorian Vaccine ObligationsEducation workers and some other types of employees are required to show their employer proof that they have been vaccinated with the COVID vaccine or medical exemption three times.

Those who missed the March 25 booster deadline were forced to take vacation and were not allowed to work.

The state’s Ministry of Education said that almost all public teachers in Victoria comply with vaccination rules.

“As of April 26, 99.2% of Victoria State Government’s educational services have been vaccinated with the COVID vaccine three times and are allowed to participate in the work,” said a department spokesperson.

“Staff who have not yet taken the third dose are advised to book to protect themselves, their families and the school community.”

Within Australia’s jurisdiction, only Victoria and Northern Territory require teachers to be vaccinated with booster vaccinations.

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You can see a cleaner cleaning the high five area in preparation for students returning to Listerfield Elementary School in Melbourne, Australia on May 25, 2020. (Daniel Pockett / Getty Images)

Meanwhile, the Victoria State Government Announced From 2023, the Victorian Education Certificate (VCE), which is given to students who have completed higher and secondary education, and the Victoria Applied Learning Certificate (VCAL), which is a higher and secondary education certificate with three award levels, will be combined. Will be done.

Starting next year, the state government will introduce the new VCE Vocational Major and Victorian Pathways Certificate.

The former is 2-year vocational and applied learning program It replaces senior and intermediate VCALs, the latter replacing Foundation VCALs.

Victorian taxpayers will have to pay a bill for $ 277.5 million (US $ 196.5 million), what the state government has called “the biggest secondary reform since the inauguration of VCE.”

Of the above amount, $ 120.2 million will be used to help schools implement new certificates. By comparison, $ 69.4 million will be spent on headstart apprenticeship and training program expansion, and the remaining $ 87.9 million will be spent on recruiting and training vocational teachers.

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