More than half of Australia goes into blockade


More than half of Australia’s population will soon be blocked as health officials continue to fight the outbreak of the infectious delta strain of coronavirus.

South Australia (SA) will impose strict restrictions on Tuesday from 6 pm for a week after five variants have been detected in Adelaide.

Nine new local incidents in Victoria will extend the blockade for seven days, at least until next Wednesday.

Victoria also bans all travel from New South Wales for two weeks under a new rule that exempts only authorized workers and those with compassionate reasons.

NSW recorded cases in 78 new regions throughout Sydney, with 29 spending part or all of the infection period in the community.

The blockade in and around Sydney is expected to end on July 30, but there are growing concerns that the virus may need to be extended as it circulates in the country’s largest city.

Imposing restrictions on SA means that more than 13.5 million people nationwide live under strict home orders.

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TOPSHOT – Overview of an empty arcade plaza in Melbourne, Australia, July 16, 2021 (Asanka brendon Ratnayake / AFP via Getty Images)

There is also a new call for welfare recipients to qualify for federal coronavirus disaster payments of up to $ 600 per week.

The Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) estimates that 800,000 people who support 400,000 children have been excluded.

Cassandra Goldie, CEO of ACOSS, is calling on state and federal leaders to close the gap ahead of Friday’s National Ministerial Meeting.

“Social security people are the lowest-income and most economically vulnerable people and are completely excluded from these disaster payment arrangements,” she told ABC Radio.

“This just emphasizes the two layers that were introduced in this confusing system.”

Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said he was in constant discussion with Morrison about support measures.

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Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews announced a five-day blockade of the state at a press conference in Melbourne, Australia, on July 15, 2021. (Darian Trainer / Getty Images)

Emergency Management Minister Bridget Mackenzie has signaled that assistance can be coordinated if the area is placed under a long-term blockade.

“We will definitely step up when needed. We will always adjust to accommodate changes in the nature of this virus,” she told ABC.