More than half of London’s births to mothers born abroad: Report


In some of the UK’s major cities, such as London, Manchester and Oxford, more than half of their children are born to mothers born abroad, according to a Migration Watch report.

According to an analysis of official data, according to the self-proclaimed immigrant Watchdog, the proportion of children born to non-British mothers has more than doubled over the past half century.

MigrationWatch, which often favors declining immigration levels, suggests that urban “superdiversity” may be driving social division, with different social forces already having different values ​​in the community. He said it is creating a tendency for organic separation.

In a statement, Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: This is not inevitable. Immigrants can and must be significantly reduced in size to maintain social harmony. Submit suggestions to achieve this. “

According to the report, “The impact of this huge and sustainable migrant on our towns and cities, the first destinations of most migrants, is due to the low age structure of the arrivals and the birth rate of some groups. Is higher, so it is even bigger. “

In London, 57% of children are now born to unborn mothers in the UK, according to the figures quoted in the report.

The highest percentage was Slough at 62%, followed by Luton at 58%, Cambridge (57%) and Leicester (56%). In the case of Birmingham, the second largest city, that figure was 42 percent.

According to the report, 84% of Britain’s population growth over the last two decades has come from immigrants, but the impact is uneven and much more perceived in cities and towns.

Since 1970, the birth rate of non-British mothers in the UK and Wales has more than doubled from 12% to 29%, according to the Migration Watch.

The report does not mention the level of illegal immigrants. There is no official record of the level of “illegal” immigrants to the UK.

2007 London School of Economics Report (pdfThe number of “irregular” immigrants living in the UK is estimated to be 533,000, which is less than 1 percent of the population.

According to the Interior Ministry, there were about 16,000 “known illegal intrusions” when immigrants declined last year due to pandemic restrictions.

Simon Veazey

Simon Veazey

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