More than half of Springfield ICU COVID patients died in July: hospital personnel

More than half of the patients admitted to the intensive care unit of the Springfield Hospital system died of coronavirus in July, according to hospital officials.

The update came as health leaders continued to encourage people to be vaccinated.

Eric Frederick, Mercy Springfield The Chief Administrative Officer wrote on Twitter last month that 51% of patients admitted to the ICU died across the Mercy Springfield community, including Mercy Hospital Springfield and five regional hospitals.

Five days after August, he said the coronavirus killed 17 patients. As of Thursday, there were 144 COVID-10 patients throughout the hospital system.

COVID-19 vaccination

As of Thursday, none of the patients using the ICU or ventilator were completely vaccinated, Frederick said. Overall, 93% of people hospitalized for coronavirus are unvaccinated.

In Greene County, where Springfield is located, 43.1% of the population has started vaccination and 36.8% have completed the vaccination process. Throughout the state, 48.7% of the population started vaccination and 41.7% completed vaccination. Missouri Health and Senior Services Department..

Last week, 874 people in Green County were COVID-29 positive. According to the state data. Increasingly, hospitals are admitting viruses to children.

Springfield COVID patients

Sunday, Cox Health CEO Steve Edwards Springfield Hospital said it was treating 187 coronavirus patients.He called it “Sad new record.”

On Wednesday, he wrote on Twitter, hospital health care workers were caring for 159 coronavirus patients. Six people died the day before.

“There are some treatments that provide some help, but no silver bullet,” Edwards wrote on Twitter. “If so, we will use them. There is a silver bullet for prevention, which is more than 90% effective against severe illness. Get vaccinated.”

According to Edwards charts, 576 coronavirus patients admitted to the hospital have died since the pandemic began.

Last Friday, more than 300 people were hospitalized for COVID-19 in Springfield’s two medical systems, including three patients under the age of 10.

On July 29, Mercy Springfield had 145 COVID-19 patients, according to Frederick. Five of those patients were under the age of 20, and three were under the age of 10.

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