More vaccines for Australians could be “latest”, ATAGI

The Australian Immunotechnology Advisory Group (ATAGI) cannot rule out four or five doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for Australians as “up-to-date”.

ATAGI Chair Nigel Crawford said his organization will continue to monitor data from other countries receiving four doses at the Senate hearing on February 16.

ATAGI announced on February 10 that it will change the definition of “complete vaccination” from two to three times. Australians who have not yet been vaccinated for the third time will need to be vaccinated for 6 months.

Crawford, but Said on February 16th In front of the Senate Estimate Committee, some patients with weakened immunity have already been recommended to take four doses.

Studies in the UK It has been shown that some immunocompromised patients do not have a sufficient immune response to the virus and some activity is detected only after the fourth dose.

but, Recent US studies It has been shown that the efficacy of all COVID-19 vaccines declines over time, and it is unclear how many more injections are recommended.

When ATAGI asked Australians if they could reassure the organization not to require four or five doses to be considered up-to-date by Australians, Crawford did it. He said he couldn’t promise.

“Countries like Israel have already recommended a fourth dose, and we need to look at its international data to see its impact and what the new variant vaccine will look like,” he said. Told.

Germany is also recommended 4th vaccine deployment During the Omicron wave in December 2021.

As ATAGI is constantly reviewing the evidence, Crawford argued: It’s possible, but there are no current recommendations for its effectiveness. “

The news comes from the fact that the states around Australia have lifted the restrictions as the borders are scheduled to reopen on February 21st.

Victoria And New South Wales (NSW) On February 17, we announced the removal of the 2 square meter density limit.

QR check-ins at retail stores and schools will also be removed, but they will still be present at Victoria’s hospitality and entertainment venues, but in New South Wales only at nightclubs and music festivals with more than 1,000 attendees from February. Check-in is required. 18.18.

Unvaccinated overseas travelers and fully vaccinated travelers to Victoria will also halve the hotel’s quarantine period from 14 to 7 days, but no NSW changes have been announced.

Queensland has not been removed Density limitCheck-in for areas that do not require vaccination certification, such as essentially shopping facilities such as supermarkets, will be removed.

Restrictions on mask obligations are also expected to be relaxed in the coming weeks.

As of February 17 51.4 percent of Australians Over 18 years of age receive boosters, 79.16% of Australians are fully vaccinated according to the new definition, and 48.8% of children aged 5-11 years (48.8%)pdf) I received the first dose.

AAP contributed to this report.

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