Morrison Government Makes Most Important Investment in Elderly Care in Australian History

Australia’s latest federal budget is expected to announce the most important investment in elderly care in Australia’s history, with nearly two initial forecasts in response to the Royal Commission’s plight in this sector. I’m doubling.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg refused to see if the elderly care package would be nearly $ 18 billion in four years, just saying it was worth more than $ 10 billion more than previously estimated.

Home Care and Home Care, Quality, Safety, and Workforce Skills and Training Initiatives are aimed at upgrading.

“It’s a very important effort designed by the Royal Commission to strengthen our system and enable older Australians to retire, live with dignity, respect and security,” Frydenberg said. Told to.

Health and senior care minister Greg Hunt also refused to release details until the budget was revealed.

“This is the most important investment in elderly care in Australia’s history, and it depends on our oversight, time and responsibility,” Hunt told reporters in Melbourne.

However, the Royal Australasian Medical School (RACP) is concerned that it is not yet sufficient for a field that has been neglected for many years.

Dr. John Madison, a spokesperson for RACP and chairman of the Australian and New Zealand Geriatrics Association, said, “Even if the latest numbers prove to be true, we don’t have enough resources to spend. “Creating systematic change” is not enough. That money.

“Is $ 10 billion over four years really enough to provide resources for overhauling systems that provide integrated long-term care support for the elderly in Australia?” Madison said.

“The Royal Commission itself estimated that a series of government cuts left a shortfall of nearly $ 10 billion a year.”

The latest statistics from Australia’s premier national pharmacy organization, the Australian Pharmaceutical Association (PSA), confirm that 98% of people living in geriatric care facilities have at least one drug-related problem. ..

“This is no longer acceptable,” said President Chris Freeman.

He said the budget should fund pharmacists because pharmacists can prevent the deaths of senior care residents.

“It is undeniable that the current system is not working. Pharmacists are part of the solution. Incorporating pharmacists into these facilities protects the population from the harm caused by the drug and improves quality of life. You can maximize the effect. “

The Royal Commission was convened by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

It has identified important priorities for quality, safety, workforce availability, and investing more in elderly care locations.

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