Moscow tackles relations with China, not sure if relations with the West are needed: Lavrov

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Moscow tackles relations with China, not sure if relations with the West are needed: Lavrov

Russia’s foreign minister said on Monday that Moscow would consider proposals from the West, rebuild relations and determine if it was necessary, but focus on developing relations with China.

Sergey Lavrov said in a question-and-answer session at an event in Moscow that Western nations have supported “Russian phobia” since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine.

He said Russia is working on the exchange of goods imported from Western countries and will only rely on “trustworthy” countries not found in the West in the future.

“If they (the West) want to offer something in terms of resuming relationships, we will seriously consider whether it is necessary,” Lavrov said, according to records on the Foreign Ministry’s website.

“We rely in some way on the supply of absolutely everything from the West to ensure the development of a sector that is of great importance to security, the economy, or the social territory of our hometown. I have to stop, “he said.

Lavrov said Moscow’s current goal is to further develop its relations with China.

“Now that the Western nations have taken the’dictatorship’position, economic relations with China will expand even more rapidly,” Lavrov said.

Lavrov said Russia “will only rely on countries that are” only themselves, proven to be reliable and “do not dance to the music of other Pipers.” If Western countries change their minds and propose some form of cooperation, we can make a decision. “


Pentagon says more tech weapons going to Ukraine

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told reporters that about 50 defense leaders from around the world would meet on Monday to send more advanced weapons to Ukraine, such as harpoon launchers and coastal missiles. Said that he had agreed.

General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said, “Low” about how the United States needs to coordinate training for Ukrainian troops and whether some U.S. forces should be based in Ukraine. “Level” discussions are underway.

Austin spoke with Pentagon reporters and did not say whether to send the Ukrainian tech mobile rocket launcher requested by the United States. However, Austin said that when the war with Russia reached three months, about 20 countries announced on Monday that they would send a new package of security assistance to Ukraine.

In particular, Denmark has agreed to send harpoon launchers and missiles to Ukraine to help Ukraine protect its coast, he said. Russia has ships in the Black Sea and is using them to launch cruise missiles into Ukraine. Russian vessels also stopped all commercial vessel traffic from entering Ukrainian ports.

“We have a more keenly shared sense of Ukraine’s priorities and battlefield conditions,” Austin told reporters at the end of a virtual meeting with defense leaders. “Many countries donate highly needed shells, coastal defense systems, tanks and other armored vehicles. Others have proposed new commitments for training.”

The United States and other countries have trained Ukrainian troops in nearby European countries.

Austin added that the Czech Republic recently donated attack helicopters, tanks and rockets, and Italy, Greece, Norway and Poland announced new donations of artillery systems and ammunition on Monday.

“As we have explained many times, the nature of the battle … is actually shaped by artillery at this stage,” Austin said. “And over the past few weeks we have seen a serious exchange of artillery.”

Austin said during the virtual meeting that Ukrainian authorities revealed their security needs. And he said these were consistent with what was seen in the last few weeks — long-range artillery and rocket systems, armored personnel carriers, and drones.

Millie has provided the most detailed information to date about the growing US presence in Europe since Russia’s invasion in late February. last fall. There are approximately 78,000 US troops in the region, numbering 102,000. This includes 24 surface ships, 4 submarines, 12 fighter jet squadrons, 2 combat aviation units, 6 army brigade combat teams, and their division and corps leaders. ..

Ukrainian Zelensky says he will meet Putin to end the war

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday (May 23) that President Vladimir Putin was the only Russian official who was willing to meet to discuss how to end the war.

Zelensky addressed the audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos on a video link and arranged for negotiations with Russia in light of what he said was evidence of Russia’s actions against occupied civilians. He said it was becoming more difficult.

Russia has denied targeting civilians called “special operations” to reduce Ukraine’s military power.

“The President of the Russian Federation decides everything,” Zelensky said through an interpreter. “If we’re talking about ending this war without him, he can’t make that decision.”

Zelenskyy said genocide was found early in the war, especially in areas occupied by Russian troops outside Kyiv, making it more difficult to arrange negotiations and eliminating discussions with other officials.

“I cannot accept any kind of meeting with anyone from the Russian Federation other than the President,” he said. “And only if there is one problem in (table): stop the war. There is no other reason for other types of meetings.”

Russian and Ukrainian negotiators have held sporadic talks since the influx of Russian troops into Ukraine at the end of February, but both sides said the talks were stalled.

Zelenskyy told Ukrainian television last week that it would be impossible to stop the war without some diplomacy.

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